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San Diego and Palomar Promise Programs

  • offer up to two years of free tuition
  • textbook assistance
  • Individualized counseling to complete students' education goals

For: San Diego Miramar, Mesa, City, & Palomar College

Interested in applying for a Promise Program?

In order to be considered for one the Promise Programs you must complete the promise program application through the community college, as well as apply for financial aid through FAFSA or complete the CA Dream Act Application HERE.

Why should you consider going to a community college?

Save money. Costs are generally much lower than those at four-year colleges. On average, tuition and fees at public two-year colleges are $3,347 a year.

Prepare for transfer to a four-year college. Many community college graduates decide to transfer and complete their bachelor’s degrees. Planning in advance can help ensure that the credits you earn will count toward your degree at the four-year college you hope to attend.

Get ready for a career. If you want to enter the workforce sooner, you can earn a certificate or degree in a career-oriented field, such as firefighting or engineering technology.

Try out college. Most programs are open admission. This means that you can go to college even if your high school grades aren’t strong. A community college is also a good option if you’re not sure you’re ready for college. You’ll have a chance to challenge yourself and see if college is right for you.

Take advantage of a flexible schedule. Most community colleges are convenient — you can attend full time or part time, and you can schedule your courses around home and work commitments. There’s a campus within a short driving distance of almost every town in the United States.

Map out your Transfer Pathway

If your goal is to transfer to a four-year college or university the Associate Degree for Transfer program is a smart way to save time and money towards a guaranteed saved spot at a UC, CSU or one of many other participating colleges and universities.

Are you looking for community colleges that offer the "Living On Campus Experience"?

Community Colleges of San Diego & Imperial Counties

This finder tool will help you locate a community college program that fits what you want to do.

Check out the list of 116 California Community Colleges to see if the one you are interested in offers a Promise Program.

Associate Degree vs.Certificate of Achievement

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Mt. Carmel High School Counseling Department

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