March Newsletter

Lake Park Elementary School

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A message from the Principal

LPE Panthers,

Thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make our 38th annual Walk-a-Thon a huge success. Events like this cannot be done without the generous support of our PTO, staff, and our LPE families. It is incredible to see the things that can happen when everyone comes together to support our students and the amazing experiences that the LPE staff provide them with each day.

We have many events happening between now and the end of the year. Below are a few that will occur during the month of March:

Our Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast will be tomorrow, Thursday, March 2nd. As a reminder breakfast is free for all students. Please arrive prior to 8:00 AM if your student would like to participate in this event.

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The annual LPE Talent Show is on Thursday March 9th at 6:00 PM for parents. Due to limited seating, you must have a child in the show to attend the performance.

Spring break is March 13th-17th. Please take a moment to review the March calendar for other important dates.

Wishing all of our families and staff a relaxing upcoming break!

Mrs. Maya


Habit 7 - Shrapen the Saw - Balance is Best

This habit helps us to understand that we also need to take time to focus on our mind, body, heart and soul.

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Upcoming Events

  • March 13th - March 17th - No School - Spring Break
  • March 21st - PTO General Meeting - 8:30 AM
  • March 21st - SAC Meeting - 4:30 PM - Media Center
  • March 21st - Grades 3,4,5 - Reading Benchmark Testing
  • March 22nd - Grades 4 and 5 - Math Benchmark Testing
  • March 23rd - Grade 3 - Math/Grade 5 - Science Benchmark Testing

Please note: Students that receive accommodations may test on a different day during the week of 3/20/23. Campus closed for parent lunch visits due to testing.

  • March 24th - End of Quarter
  • March 27th - Teacher Planning Day - NO School for students
  • March 29th - Leonard's Spring Pictures

See what's happening in art with Mrs. Foht

This month in art we are creating portraits and still-life drawings and paintings. Students are learning about proportion & scale, tones and values.

A portrait is an artwork with a person as the main subject. Ask your student who they are featuring?

A still-life is an artwork where the subject in an inanimate object. Example: a vase of flowers. It is fun to practice drawing various things around you.

Keep an eye out for new artworks in your child’s ArtSonia portfolio. This is a great way to stay involved and support our young artists.

If you have any question or would like to support the art department please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Foht.

Mrs. Foht

Art Teacher

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music notes...with Mr. Stein

Music Notes………………………………..

March is now here and the students are looking forward to the upcoming Spring Break! While we have been working on the performances listed below, the students have also been continuing to play the electric keyboards as well as beginning other new instruments.

Here are a list of the dates and times for performances that we will be singing at this spring:

April 21 12:45 PM 3rd & 4th Grade (Music of Broadway)

April 28 10:00 AM Kindergarten & 1st (Animals and the Zoo)

May 5 TBA 2nd Grade (How Does Your Garden Grow?)

May 26 8:45 AM 5th Grade (Graduation/Moving On Ceremony)

Our Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade students will continue to play the piano for the first two weeks of March. We sing each day, sometimes play the hand drums, and even are beginning to learn a little bit of choreography for their upcoming performances.

Our 3rd grade students have begun to play the recorder and are in the process of learning to hold it correctly and play our first three notes (B – A – G). We will keep the instruments at school and when we are done with the instruction, each student will get to bring their recorder and a lesson book home to keep. This is made possible by a grant we received from the “Champions for Learning Foundation”.

The 4th grade students are beginning to play the ukelele. Learning how to hold the instrument properly, correct position and use of the left hand, and learning to get a good sound are the first goals we are trying to achieve.

Fifth grade students are starting to learn about the guitar. We will start from the very beginning with learning the basics and then start to advance and playing songs. It should be fun and exciting for your children. This opportunity is made available to the students through the generous support of the Lake Park PTO and the “Champions for Learning Foundation”.

March is going to be a busy month for Lake Park students in music class. The National Association for Music Education refers to March as “Music in Our Schools Month”. We hope to see you at an upcoming performance!

Mr. Stein

Music Teacher


Dear Parents:

Please see below flyers to learn about community resources available for students with disabilities.

Ms. Meister

ESE Specialist>

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Counselor's Corner

Greetings Parents! I wanted to remind families about our PBIS Program and how it helps to create our positive learning environment here at Lake Park Elementary. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

What is Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)?

Lake Park Elementary is proud to be a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) Model School. PBIS is the application of evidence-based strategies and systems to assist schools to increase academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behavior, and establish positive school cultures. The goal of Positive Behavior Support is to build effective environments in which positive behavior is more effective than problem behavior.

PBIS Student Recognition

Our PBIS Program provides students with recognition of their positive behavior and for following our school-wide expectations to be Kind, Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn. Our goal is to reinforce student’s positive behavior as often as we can to motivate our students to continue to show their positive behavior. Our PBIS program includes our Pawsome token, Pawsome Leader of the Month Award, and the Pawsome Store. Each classroom or grade level may add on their own system to help support and reinforce our PBIS program.

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Pawsome Leader of the Month

As a “Leader in Me” school district, schools across the district are implementing the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Each month, students will deepen their understanding of each habit as we work to develop the whole child and support opportunities for student leadership.

Each month, a student in each classroom and in Related Arts is chosen as our “Pawsome Leader of the Month” for demonstrating excellent examples of the monthly habit. Students receive their award during a recognition ceremony held monthly in our courtyard and the Pawsome Students are announced on our LPE morning news.

How Can Parents Help with PBIS?

· Be a good role model

· Talk to your child about his/her day

· Keep communication between you and your child’s teacher active throughout the school year

· Focus on the POSITIVE!

Mrs. Saba

School Counselor

Important Information


LPE Front Office Hours

7:30 AM – 3:30 PM Monday - Friday

Front Office Number: 377-7200

School Fax Number : 377-7201

LPE Bell Schedule

7:45 AM - Doors Open

8:15 AM - Breakfast Ends

8:20 AM - LPE News Begins

8:25 AM - Tardy Bell (Students must be in class prior to the bell to be considered On Time)

11:50 AM - Early Release Day Dismissal

2:50 PM - Regular Dismissal


We're all in this together! If you are feeling sick, please stay home.

Changes of transportation will be accepted until 2:15 PM.

After 2:15 PM, all students will be picked up through their normal mode of transportation.

If you need to notify us with a change of transportation, please call the front office at 377-7200.

If you are feeling well, please be at school ready to learn.


Track your child’s bus and anticipate possible delays:

Curriculum & Instruction

In elementary school we teach children how to read and then transition them into readers who are reading to learn.

Often, we find that children can read the words but don’t quite understand what they mean. One of the biggest contributors to good comprehension is background knowledge. When children read about topics they know about their comprehension increases tremendously.

Below you will find some other ways to help your child build their background knowledge.

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Media News

Please see below for the exciting events happening soon.

Ms. Byington

Media Specialist

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A Message From CPL. Mapes

Spring Break is right around the corner and CCSO is hosting a couple of fun activities for the kids.

On Wednesday, March 15, fifth grade students who turned in their permission slips for camp will enjoy an amazing day at Camp Discovery. The drop off time is 7:30 AM and pickup is at 3:30 PM. Lunch will be provided (Pizza) but kids can bring their own lunch if they do not like pizza or have allergies.

Fourth graders who turned in their permission slips will enjoy a FREE fun day at the fair on Saturday, March 18th. We ask that your child be dropped off at the school between 7:30-7:45 AM and we will bus them to the fair. Please be back at the school around 12:30 PM for your child’s pickup. Many of us have to continue working so please be on time.

Any questions, please reach out to me at the school.

CPL. Mapes

cell (239) 253-4594

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Focus Parent Portal Directions Grades 3-5 Fast Test Results

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Reminders from Assistant Principal, Mrs. Galloway

Student Pick Up/Drop Off Reminders

15 minute parent parking spots are located in the lot near the front office for your convenience

For the safety of our students, car riders MUST be picked up through the car line and not on the street near our walker/bike rider dismissal area. Help us keep our Panthers safe!

If you need to notify us with a change of transportation, please call the front office at 377-7200.

Important Car Line Reminders

• Dismissal is at 2:50 PM

• Remain in your vehicle

• Refrain from using your cell phone

• Safety Patrols should be picked up at the car rider line

• When the last car is called, ALL remaining students will be taken to the office and need to be signed out at the door


Parents should respect the learning environment of a school by turning cell phones to silent mode while in the building. If an adult must access a phone, please take it out of the classroom or building to an area without students.

Electronic devices are not permitted for use on campus by students. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and stored in the child's backpack while on campus. SMART watches are to be used on campus to tell time only. If the device becomes distracting or is misused, it will no longer be allowed at school. The school is not liable for stolen, lost, or broken devices. Students must not use devices outside of a teachers' permission, including before or after school. If the student's cell phone interrupts the learning process or is used inappropriately, it will be taken away by the teacher and given to administration. Parents must pick up the phone/device from the school.

District Assigned Technology: Laptops assigned and checked out by students are CCPS property and need to be cared for responsibly. There will be a cost to repair or replace laptops for irresponsible damage.

Pursuant to Rule 27 of the District's Code of Student Conduct, students are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of District property in their possession such as a laptop or other electronic device. The rule provides the following:


  • Student are expected to take good care of school property. Students must assume full responsibly for the care of school property available to them. This includes, but is not limited to textbooks, uniforms, equipment, electronic devices, or library books. These items are issued by school personnel and must be returned to the same person upon completion of school year or withdrawal from school. Responsibility for the property rest with the student whom the property is issued.

School Board Policy AP 5600

As provided in Policy 5600 and the Code of Student Conduct (Code), students are responsible for their own behavior, conduct, and the consequences of their actions. Therefore, students are responsible for the following procedures:

They must report to school authorities any problem, circumstance, or condition, including, but not limited to, illegal, dangerous, or unsafe behaviors involving themselves or others, which affect, in any way, their health, safety and/or security or the health, safety and/or security of others whether on or off campus.

They must not ignore what they have seen, experienced, or witnessed and should adhere to the message: "See it, Say it, Don't spread it, Report it!"

This administrative procedure shall be read and applied in conformity and in conjunction with the Code. District Principals, Assistant Principals, and staff members who are or might be involved in the disciplinary process shall be knowledgeable of, and adhere to, this administrative procedure when reviewing and enforcing the provisions of the Code.

Mrs. Galloway

Assistant Principal, Elementary

Lake Park Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

Success for every student…every day!

Mission Statement

To create a collaborative learning community that inspires success

through high quality data driven instruction, purposeful learning, amazingly positive experiences for all stakeholders, in a safe and caring environment.


  • Student achievement and development are the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school.
  • Students learn in different ways and will be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning.
  • Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.
  • Respect, cooperation, and communication are necessary among staff members, students, parents, and the community to create a positive learning environment.
  • High expectations lead to high achievement for all.
  • Success influences self-concepts, self-concept influences learning and behavior.
  • Students’ potential can only be realized in an environment where they are safe and feel safe.