My Life

By Cameron Johnson

My job

I live in Mountain View, California and my job is a Google employee. I am a software engineer there. I get $8,533 a month and earn $128,000.

My car

My car is a 2006 Toyota Camry. My insurence cost is $292. My gas cost is $80
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My Apartment

My apartment cost is $1,900 per month (i forgot what my apartment was called so i cant put up a picture, sorry!)

Food expenses

pay $80 for food and groceries.

Household items

I only spend $129 on household items

Telephone/Cable/Internet Expenses

My Telephone, Internet, and Cable expenses cost $140. I use xfinity

Cell Phone Bill

My cell phone bill costs $60 a month because i use Sprint

Electricity and heat expenses

My electricity and heat costs $100

Clothing expenses

Every month I spend $140 on clothing

Entertainment expenses

My entertainment cost $140.


My Misc costs $240. This is so for when i get a oil change or something.

Total Expenses and MOney i have in savings

I have spent $3,421 dollars in all and i have $5,112 in my savings (not that bad).

I Hope you guys enjoyed!

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