Kindergarten Kudos

Ms. Bertucci and Mrs. Wilkinson News

Welcome Back!

We had a great first week in Kindergarten! We learned lots about rules of the school and classroom. We learned about the color red and the shape circle. We practiced finding letters everywhere. Have fun playing capital or lowercase with your child at home! If they find a capital letter, they stand up and a lowercase they squat down. Then they can tell you what letter it is. We will be learning more in depth about each of the letters and sounds in the coming weeks.

Principal Sands Welcomes Our Kinder Kids!

To help all our students get to know their new school we went on a scavenger hunt to find the gingerbread man loose in the school! He left a clue in Ms. Sands office and a sweet treat for us! What a fun time learning about our new school and who is our authority figure in school!
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Look at our Superstar Work!

Look at all the rules we learned! We also learned how to make a story! A cover page has a title, an author, and a picture. Each page has words that match the picture. Everyone did a great job working on their rule story. We have rules to keep us safe! We learned that the leaders at the school help us make rules that keep us safe.
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The Week of 8/31/15


How to treat a book well.

Front cover contains a title, author, and picture.

What are letters?

What are words?

What are sentences?

Focus Letters

Monday - L l

Tuesday - T t

Wednesday - I i

Thursday - J j

Friday - K k

Focus Sight Words: I and can

Focus Color: Yellow - spell and recognize this sight word

Focus Shape: Square - recognize and draw independently


When writing your picture matches your words.


What makes 5?

Counting Numbers 1-5


Observing with our 5 senses.

Social Studies

All about me

Upcoming Events

  • Sept. 3: Fundraiser Kick-off

  • Sept. 7: Labor Day-Staff and Student Holiday
  • Sept. 11: Red/White/Blue Day-Showing support to our Heroes from 9-11
  • Sept 11: Family Movie Night
  • Sept. 14: BHS Homecoming Parade
  • Sept. 17: Grandparents Dinner
  • Sept. 18: BHS Homecoming
  • Sept. 25: Early Release Day
  • Sept. 29: Spring Creek BBQ