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Principal's Weekly Communication -Week of February 8

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Our next meeting will be to firm up definitions of classroom managed vs office managed behavior and to look at a flow chart on how to handle behaviors when they are exhibited.

School Improvement Planning Through Rising Star

At our January meeting we put together a plan for Fed. 12th Institute Day. It will be a time for teams to review an upcoming unit of literacy with Interventionist to to differentiate by target, enhanced, and prerequisite. The unit plans also differentiate learning activities among various modes of instruction – whole-class instruction, independent work, small-group and station -based activities. Encore teachers will look at an upcoming unit within their content area. More information to come at our Feb. staff meeting.

Learning Environment: CL8 The school culture supports teachers in practicing effective and responsive instruction to meet individual student needs.

Educator Quality: ID13 Instructional teams meet for blocks of time sufficient to develop and refine units of instruction and review student learning data.

Teaching and Learning: IIB04 Teachers differentiate instruction based on assessment results to provide support for some students and enhance learning opportunities for others.

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PIC Collage

I also wanted to send a quick tip about Pic Collage vs Pic Collage for Kids. I love Pic Collage as it opens so many opportunities to integrate into the classroom. I added it to my list of literacy apps on my website, but it truly fits all subject areas. Recently some teachers have asked why the app stopped working on the iPads. Pic Collage created two apps that were almost identical. Pic Collage and Pic Collage for Kids. Many of the older iPads had Pic Collage. The age restriction for this app is now listed for older students with its social media links. Pic Collage for Kids is the same app, but does not have social media links. It is perfect for our elementary classroom. In case you are not familiar with this app, I included a Pinterest link below to show you the possibilities. I also thought this would be a great app for this month with Valentine's Day. Students could write Valentine poems or messages during literacy time and use this app for publication.

Please let me know if you would like to chat about ways this app could fit into your classroom.

Formative Assessment Ideas to help with Differentiated Instruction

As we differentiate for our learners, many of you have been asking for quick, easy formative assessment ideas. These two links provide some great examples:

formative assessment ideas with tech

formative assessment ideas without tech

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New Vendor for Evaluation System Coming 2016-2017

Several administrators and several certified staff, viewed two semifinalists. Looking at the recommendations from the group, we have selected PeopleAdmin/TalentEd to be our new vendor. HR is in the beginning process of setting up the system and will include the group again in the process to receive feedback before finalizing the platform prior to training and roll out. We will roll this out at the beginning of next year. HR believes you will be pleasantly surprised at the ease , layout and user friendliness of the system. In addition, when there is content needing to be changed, HR will have onsite ability to change it. This will help us significantly, as we will no longer have to wait a year for changes that we always hoped Teachscape would have addressed.

On My! Valentine's Day is Just Around the Corner

Please remind parents about the upcoming Valentine's Day Party in your newsletters. It will start at 11:05 and end at 11:50. Parents that are volunteering will be let into the classrooms starting at 10:55 no sooner. Be sure your volunteers have filled out the District Volunteer Form prior to entering your classroom. These are in the front office. Remind parents they will have to have a driver’s license or state ID in order to come in? Some may ask about younger siblings. According to the District Volunteer guidelines, that parents sign, younger siblings should not be attending as the purpose for parents coming is to volunteer. The office is creating a Google doc for the party. Can you please submit names by 2/9. This way the office can run name tags from the Raptor system of anyone who has previously volunteered. This will help with the speed of the check in process in the office. Thank you for your unified help with this.

Social Committee is looking into organizing ordering lunch for this day, to make it easier on everyone that is interested, to enjoy lunch prior to the start of Institute Day. (More info to come)

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  • Monica, You Rock because I love how you.......say, "How can I help?" when I come to you with a problem or am obviously under stress. You have demonstrated that you truly mean it, whether the solution is picking my students up from Fine Arts if our meeting has lasted past the scheduled time and I need a few moments to use the rest room or make a copy, or observing something in my classroom that I am trying to improve then giving me guiding questions or constructive feedback or just listening to me talk so that I sort out my struggles orally. I have begun to use this strategy in my classroom and at home and it has truly made a difference. Thank you. J. Massie

  • Debbie rocks...I love how she is so thoughtful and goes the extra mile for you!-Rita

  • Kristin Thorsen rocks because she is an awesome collaborator! -Jenni

    Lori Maxwell rocks because she invited us in to help start up book clubs! -Jenni

    Tina Serra rocks for all of her hard work putting together Mystery Night for grades 3-5! -Jenni

  • I love how Gina comes in each day with a smile and sunny disposition. -Mueller

  • My Kindy team rocks because I love the way they share their ideas, station activities and books with me! I also love the way we help each other out if one of us is absent. Kim F.

  • You rock Rita, and I love you,because you are ALWAYS POSITIVE !!!!!

    You rock Monica, and I love you, because you build in time for us to plan for interventions!!

    You rock Terri, and I love you, because you make me laugh!!

    You rock Lynn and Cathy, and I love you, because you are both supportive and helpful teammates!!!

  • Dear Husmann friends,

    Thank you so very much for making Husmann a school I never once regretted getting up early in the morning to come to. My experience here has been wonderful, and I thank you all for your welcomes and making me feel such a part of this school. I'm happy that Laura is coming back, but I'm sad for me.

    A special thank you to Cathy Thurston, a true colleague and team mate, who showed me the ropes and was always patient and very kind with my questions and concerns.

    You are all very talented and dedicated people. I'll miss you, but I'll be back for Project Story Boost!

    Gina Belt-Daniels

  • I love how Terri Olson and the Social Committee make this a fantastic place to work by planning special events (great Cabin Fever party and birthday breakfast!!), scheduling spirit days for teachers and sending flowers out to employees. Thanks for all of your hard work!!! - Lisa Noonan ^_^

  • Thank you to my third grade team. They are always supporting and helping me in more ways than I can say!

    Thank you to Lynn Casey A-Go-Go and Rita Fata for being my sounding board. -SK

  • Jill Loria, You Rock because I love how you dive right in and do whatever you can to help the students in our classroom! You are a wonderful addition to room 99!

  • Gina Belt: "I love how you smile and want to stay at Husmann by participating in Project Story Boost"!

    Karen Barkley: "I love how you start the day with a kind greeting, huge smile, and a small giggle that signifies you have it under control!"

    Kristin Ziemba: "I love your passion and zest for making sure each child gets what they need, deserve and not always what they want!"

    Tina Serra: "I love that you help the kids that need a self-esteem boost by having them come in to help on special projects."

    Bim: "I love that you help me understand the new technology and you never laugh when I ask, "wait, I gotta write this down."

    Lisa Noonan: "I love that you allow me to swipe those stars from your desk to give to kids and those little stars go a long way to making the best smiles ever!"

    Cathy Bereiter, Rita Fata, Lynn Casey, Jill Gabel, and Barbara Brayton: I love that you are all embracing the Check In Check Out Process and support the positive adult attention and most have seen fantastic growth!!! (Can't count the newbie!!)

    Selena Bavaro: "I love that you don't get frustrated with the endless pleas for help with Synergy and you have countless supplies of patience for your Special Ed team."

    Sandy Kinahan: "I love that you find amusement from the ones who are a work in progress! Your sense of humor makes their lives so much better!"

    Monica Petersen: "I love that you come to work with a smile and that you continually look at situations and ask, "What's best for the child?"

    Guy Sromek: "I love that you are always there for backup and for helping students learn from their mistakes and misbehavior."

    Karen Belke

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