One Threatened Specie

The most common threatened specie in the Kooragang Wetlands is the birds. There are 26 threatened species of waterbirds in NSW, which include the Australian painted snipe, Australasian bittern, brolga, curlew sandpiper and freckled duck. Many species are threatened by the loss and degradation of wetland habitats,due to:

  • Clearing and draining of wetlands for agricultural and urban development.
  • Too many foxes disturbing when nesting.
  • Alterations to flooding patterns due to river regulation and climate change.
  • Disturbance at feeding and roosting habitats.

How can I assist to address the threat?

I can assist to address the threat by volunteering for small jobs to help them to get where they want to be with the situation. Four ways I can help are:

1. Re-generate Bush-

  • Get rid of weeds
  • Re-build canopy
  • Revegitate Wetlands

2. Propagate Plants-

  • Planting Tree
  • Treating Plant Seeds
  • WeedingTub-stock

3. Turn padock into forest-

  • Extend the remnants of the rainforest
  • Plant 500-800 trees
  • Have a BBQ

4. Adopt a Patch-

  • Grow trees
  • Plant seeds
  • Get rid of the weeds
  • Create forests