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Amanda, Kathy, & Cari

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Destiny is 100% browser-based. It can run on any computer with a compatible browser. Destiny customers should use the most current version of Microsoft Windows OS and Internet Explorer (IE). When possible, Follett encourages customers to use a non-Microsoft browser, such as the current version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. Follett recommends that customers using the IE browser update from IE 7 or 8, to IE 9 or later. Customers using IE must make sure that IE is not running in Compatibility View; Universal Search cannot be accessed in IE’s Compatibility View. Follett Support associates might be unable to resolve issues for customers running Destiny on unsupported versions of Microsoft software. Microsoft ended support of Windows XP in April 2014.


  • SIF compatibility for easy and integrated data sharing amongst diverse applications
  • Easy-to-use circulation, cataloging, inventory and reporting capabilities
  • Free mobile apps that support BYOD and 1:1 initiatives
  • Integrated access to millions of K-12 print MARC records with Alliance Plus®
  • One Search™: Student access to online library catalogues as well as free and paid subscription databases all on one interface
  • Safe social networking platforms to aid in teaching digital citizenship
Destiny is extremely user friendly. Librarian at Crossville Elementary said “It makes my job a lot easier. Everything is managed in one place and is very easy for myself and for students to use”.


A demo disk is not available; however there are several webinars that are available and the website has an abundant amount of valuable information Includes information on all the management systems offered, pricing for trainings, system requirements, and product information.

Destiny was last updated April 8, 2015. Destiny appears to be updated annually and also has an automatic update option as well.


Each of the modules listed in the Destiny Products column can be purchased separately or as a bundle. Schools may purchase licensing through the WLS at reduced prices as compared with purchasing directly from Follett and hosting within their own districts. Please contact Stephanie Bloom at Follett Software for specific license pricing.

Yearly Hosting fee
Number of Schools Price per District
in District

1-22 $300

Contact for pricing for schools over 22

One-time Setup fee

Price per School

2012-13 $275

2013-14 $250

Each school can run independently or as a connected unit. Pricing will vary depending on the number of schools.

They offer on-site training, topic-specific eLearning and instructor-led webinars.

Library Manager On-Site Consecutive-Day Training
Price: $999.00

Library Manager Essentials Webinar
Price: $350.00

Library Manager Essentials Webinar - Individual
Price: $99.00

Library Manager 1-Day On-site Training
Price: $2,499.00

Follett offers phone and email support. 95% of all calls are answered by a live agent with an average wait time of 14 seconds. 89% of issues are resolved on the first call. Follett also offers an online knowledge base where articles about Destiny’s features can be accessed.

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Atriuum must be installed on a PC-based server which can run on an all Mac network. Any computer running a supported Web browser can access Atriuum.

Any workstation running an Atriuum supported Web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader® or equivalent PDF reader. Optional hardware devices installed may require a local device driver. Atriuum never requires a java-client application or other client software to be installed on your local computers. Whether you’re searching the catalog or performing administrative tasks, access to Atriuum is fast and easy from any internet enabled computer.


For Patrons:

OPAC, KidsZ OPAC, mobile searching, ComPEER search, OPAC Snapshot, patron notifications, digital content. EZCAT Pro

For Staff:

Quick cataloging

customizable reporting capability

  • Filter reports for specific data types and date ranges
  • Generate standard reports or real-time customized reports tailored to your needs
  • Customize reports by adding/removing columns, data types, and sorting
  • Create and save periodic and frequently used report templates
  • Schedule automatic report generation and email delivery for any standard or saved report templates
  • Export report data for use in other programs

It is very user friendly. Students will enjoy their ability to effortlessly delve into your catalog as well as navigate to your educational databases and other on-line resources including ebooks. They’ll be able to create bookbags, watchlists, rate/review titles, and renew and reserve items.


A demo is available upon request. However, the website offers an abundance of information.

The website includes features, technology, quick FAQs, implementation, supplies/hardware, and you can request a demo to try out.

It can be seamlessly integrated with our acclaimed eZcat, a Z39.50 compliant utility for downloading and managing USMARC/21 records. Central or building level cataloging can be accommodated within a district level implementation.



In-House Training Book Systems offers training at our corporate office training facility in Huntsville, Alabama. This two-day session is held in a classroom environment, with computers, providing hands-on participation for each attendee. $495

On-Site Training On-site training at your library by one of our Certified Trainers will make the most of your software purchase and will help you and your staff work effectively right from the start. $1,280

On-Line Training Our on-line sessions are designed to deliver real-time, cost-effective training at a convenient time and place. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection and a telephone. $895

Refresher Training Refresher Training sessions are designed to increase the user’s knowledge of the many features available in Atriuum, Booktracks, and Concourse. Participants will learn how to take full advantage of the program as it relates to their library or asset management.

You can subscribe for remote backup service in case of a disaster.

State and Common Core Standards Search option for Atriuum provides teachers and library staff the ability to build powerful lesson plans by identifying titles in your collection that are aligned with your state

standards and the Common Core.

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In an effort to update our library automation system for the district, we have

decided to look at two different systems and determine which one would be the

best fit for our district integration wise, suitability, and financially. The choices

have been narrowed down to Follett’s Destiny and Booksystem’s Atriuum. Both

systems have a lot to offer but one of them is more aligned with our needs and

current situation. Taking all factors into consideration, we chose to purchase

BookSystems Atriuum.

When looking at both systems and deciding if our existing computers, which run

Microsoft Vista, would be supported we discovered that if we chose Atriuum as a

server we would only need to have 8GB of RAM opposed to 16GB required by

Destiny and both would work with Windows Vista. Destiny, however,

recommends running at least Windows 8. In our application of the systems we

would be using them as web-based systems that would continuously update on

its own. Both systems proved to be versatile, working with both PC and Mac but

Destiny recommended using non Windows based browsers such as FireFox and


The next component we were looking at was features, could they meet our

needs? Destiny boasts easy to use circulation, cataloging, inventory and reporting

capabilities, as well as free apps that support BYOD and 1:1 initiatives. They have

social networking platforms that support digital citizenship. Access to millions of

MARC records with Alliance Plus. Atriuum brings those same functions along with

access to a variety of databases such as OPAC, KidsZ OPAC, ComPEER, and EZCAT

Pro. Records keeping is more customizable to the specific needs of the library at

that moment using the Atriuum system also. After speaking with and/or reading

recommendations from other media specialists, we are convinced that Atriuum

should be our focus. While one media specialist did recommend Destiny, because

of “ease of use”, there were far more details provided as to why Atriuum would

be the better choice. The recommendations describe a system that is easy to

navigate in addition to allowing patrons to create bookbags, watchlists,

rate/review titles, and renew or reserve items. Another striking feature of

Atriuum is the search option that allows teachers to determine which books that

are currently housed in the collection align with the state’s standards and the

Common Core.

And finally, one of the biggest deciding factors, the price. While we do have

quotes from Follett for the Destiny system, we do not have a concrete price from

BookSystems for Atriuum. This would be the only hold back in the decision for

Atriuum. Destiny has a startup fee (per school) of between $250-$275 and a

yearly hosting fee of $300(per school) if there are between 1-22 schools in the

district. Additional inquires would be required for any quotes on larger school

systems. They do offer a variety of training programs for the Media Specialist

planning to use Destiny. You may choose on-site training for $999.00, Essentials

Webinar for $350.00, Individual Webinar for $99.00 and on-site 1-day training for

$2499.00. Atriuum also offers a variety of training options such as In-House

training, On-Site training, and On-Line training. While we don’t have a quote for

Atriuum there is plenty of consumer testimonials to the affordability of the

program, especially considering all that it has to offer compared to older

established programs.


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