China and Japan

Mary Ecleo

Ming Dyansty Leaders: Hongwu drove the Mongols out and became the first emperor.
His son, Yonglo, moved the capital to Beijing, and sent Zheng he on several voyages to show China's wealth.

China was isolated and only the gov't. officially traded at 3 ports, (Canton, Macau, and Ningbo) and opposed Christianity.

Qing Dynasty Leaders: Manchus people invaded China and the Ming Dynasty collapsed. They also seized Beijing and their leader, Kangxi, became the emperor. They ruled for more than 260 years, and expanded China's border including Taiwan, Chinese Central Asia, Mongolia, and Tibet.

Kangxi lowered the taxes. He also had restrictions for trade with foreigners such as the Dutch who followed the rules, while England did not.

Japan Shoguns, Tokugawa,, Closed Country Policy:

  • Samurai Chiefs (daimyo) controlled feudal states (castles, etc.)
  • Merchant class and wealthy prospered, while peasants suffered.
  • While shiguns enjoyed European trade, they did not want their culture or religion to permeate their society.

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