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September 16, 2019

Keeping you Informed

Assembly Date Change- Just a reminder that the Step it Up Assembly has been moved from today (Monday) to Friday 9/20. Once again thank you for your understanding as there were technical issues out of our control to force this move.

Back to School Night- Tuesday Night is our chance to shine and show our parents what amazing teachers are at YLMS. I always like taking a few minutes to give some background about yourself and then digging into the classroom expectations and academic expectations. Please let parents know how to contact you and about any online resources you have for your classes. Some ways to provide information to parent besides handouts are QR Codes that link to your website or a document of helpful links for your class. This year at my daughters BTSN the art teacher was creating a bowl while discussing the class and gave away some pottery at the end and another teacher did a short quiz about the subject area. These are some different approaches to BTSN that I though engaged the parents and made it more memorable.

Rigor- We are now into the thick of the school year this is a great time to evaluate the activities that we do in our classes and their level of rigor. Costa's level of Thinking is a great way to evaluate the rigor of your activities and it helps simplify the process. Not all lesson need to be a level 3 but they shouldn't all be all level 1 and 2 either. This process can create some great conversation within our departments during our PLC time as we evaluate our own practices. Below is an article about adding rigor to your classes.

Teacher Picture Day- Lifetouch photography will be here on Tuesday for pictures. Stop by the MPR and get your photo taken as well as your ID card. Please use your lanyard and pouch to put your ID in for BTSN. If you don't have a lanyard please let us know.

Lockdown Drill- We will be doing our lockdown drill on Wednesday 9/18 during the B3 time. David will send out information about the drill.

Wednesday PLC- Horizontal PLC

PTSA Membership- PTSA has put membership forms in all of your mailboxes on Friday. It is $15 to join and you can be reimbursed up to $100 for school supplies if you are a member. I encourage you to join as they are one of our biggest supporters of school-wide programs.

Calendar for September

September 17- Teacher Picture Day

September 17- Back to School Night @6: 30 pm

September 18- Lock Down Drill during B3

September 20- Step it Up Assembly

Have a Great Week!

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