Voyager Crew Bulletin

June 8, 2020: Planning/Training Week 2/5th Grade Promotion

Strand Spotlights and Info:

Dear Voyager Crew,

The passage of time over the past few months has been both seemingly fast and slow. Here we are in our last week of school! It's very different to be cleaning and planning on an empty campus or from home, without the customary hustle and bustle of students and last week celebrations. I look forward to the almost-normalcy of holding a promotion (drive-up, natch) with our families, and our end-of-year retirement and farewell celebration this week. I appreciate that you have consistently focused on the positives and silver linings despite our collective and your individual circumstances. I am grateful for each of you and our year "all in this together."


  • Report Cards are Due by Monday at the end of the workday. Please let me know if you will not be printing and signing yourself before submitting, and we will print and sign.
  • Please see the "Planning for Next Year" Section below for information regarding staffing, schedules, and plans.
  • Please see the e-Learning Section below for links to documents, schedules, and more.
  • See Calendar Events below
As you clean and pack your classrooms, please:
  • Alert me when you believe your room is done so I may do final checkout (see Kimberley's checkout procedure email for details/expectations)
  • Please label boxed materials you wish to be removed from your classroom:
      1. "Obsolete Curriculum for Discard"--ask us if you are not sure
      2. "Leveled books"/readings you no longer use/need but which may be useful for others--to be stored elsewhere
      3. "Grade ___ Materials" you will use later but don't have room for (Colonial Day supplies, etc). These will be moved to the shed; please ensure you have grade level clearly marked.
      4. "Discard/Trash"--anything that you don't need and others won't want
      5. If you have any up-for-grabs items you may alert colleagues to visit your room to view or TEMPORARILY place smaller items on the workroom center counter. You, however, are responsible for discarding items you placed there that aren't claimed (by June 12).

OUR THEME FOR THE WEEK is FOND FAREWELL: This week we will bid fond farewell to beloved Voyager Crew Members through retirement and transitions and reflect on the lasting impact our professional family members have had on our school, community, and on us as individuals.

More News:

  • Instructional Tip: Remember that we do not need a COMPLETE plan for the first weeks of next school year, but you have some time to prepare in order to alleviate stress over the summer/August. Please know we recognize you are fitting in planning along with trainings and end-of-school cleaning and events.
  • Staff Meeting: I am available to meet with any of you who need assistance/have questions. I will schedule a "farewell social zoom" for Thursday afternoon in anticipation that some of you may be unable to attend our Friday Retirement Celebration.
  • Working on Campus: We expect heavier traffic on our campus as you clean your classrooms and families visit to pick up and drop off materials. It's critical that you follow safety and security protocols if you visit the site and any shared spaces (workroom, office, staff lounge). Please use wipes and sanitizer and avoid touching unnecessary surfaces. Lock all doors and gates behind you unless you communicate with a colleague who is still on campus. If you work collaboratively in the same space, please maintain appropriate distance, wear masks, and use sanitizer.

Planning for Next Year (20-21)

I intend to keep you apprised of changes in staffing, schedules, and planning as they occur throughout the summer.

Staffing Transitions:

  • This week we will bid fond farewell to our two retirees, Deb Hatheway and Sandy White.
  • SSES Kindergarten teacher Keli Craig has accepted a TK position at Village Elementary. We appreciate all your contributions to SSES and our Kindergarten Team, Keli! We will miss you, but are happy for your next adventure, with more time for and access to your family!
  • Chris Preciado will teach kindergarten next year in her same classroom.
  • Karen Pierro requested and was approved for a leave of absence for next school year. We look forward to Karen's return to campus when she is ready.
  • Robyn Fullmer will move into room 301.
  • Gisele Renly has voluntarily transferred to 3rd grade and will move into room 303.
  • Until we have more accurate enrollment information, we will not fill/designate Gisele's former 1/2 combo position.
  • Our TK position has not been filled; we hope to have updates soon.


  • We have been tasked with planning for both distance learning and for the full return of students, with an expectation that if we can/should build a balanced/hybrid schedule with students returning to school in a structure that is not full time/full student body, we will adjust our plans accordingly. I know that it remains a priority and strong desire to return students to our campus in the soonest and safest way possible for all of us.
  • We will build a bell schedule for next year using last year's schedule as a foundation from which to build and make adjustments with grade-level and program input. I expect that our recess and lunch times will remain stable but will keep you posted as we make staffing decisions based on enrollment and build our schedule with access to SpEd and ASE resources as critical structural factors.

e-Learning Documents, Schedules, and Support

  • I have revived our SSES Distance Learning Doc so you may post questions you have over the next two weeks and we can track themes, respond to one another, and I can keep a record and refer questions to Learning Department where appropriate. Many questions remain unanswered as we continue to plan:
  • The Elementary e-Learning Template document is here. You will notice you need to make a copy for your own editing. If you are working with a grade-level partner, be sure to share the document amongst yourselves.

  • Linked below are the Professional Learning Calendars for June 1st through June 12th. These calendars are being updated regularly, so please continue to use these links and make another copy to see the most recent updates.

    Week 1 Professional Learning Calendar

    Week 2 Professional Learning Calendar

  • Benchmark Trainings and Expectations Links:

  1. The Learning Department is pleased to share the 2020-2021 Benchmark Advance Implementation Expectations. You will see that there are a variety of links on this document that will take you directly to resources and other supporting documents
  2. Additional Benchmark PL:

    · Benchmark Universe/Distance Learning - June 8 - 9:00- 11:30 am

    Register here in advance

    3. 30 MINUTES WITH BENCHMARK! – June 8

    Change! To provide specific grade level and intervention supports Benchmark asked me to create half hour appointments – please plan on attending or having as many people as possible from your grade level to attend

    Register here in advance

    o 12:30 – 1:00 pm – Kindergarten

    o 1:00 – 1:30 pm – 1st Grade

    o 1:30 – 2:00 pm – 2nd Grade

    o 2:00 – 2:30 pm – 3rd – 5th Grades

    o 2:30 – 3:00 pm – Intervention

    o 3:00 – 3:30 pm – ELD

    · Optional Benchmark Advance Resources Overview by yours truly - June 9 – 10:15-10:45 am

    Zoom Link

    Meeting ID: 959 230 5128

    Password: teacher

    Calendar Events

    Upcoming: See Learning Dept. Calendar Links for Detailed Trainings Schedule

    Mon 6/8:

    • 9-11 AM: Meal Pickup
    • Benchmark Trainings
    • 3:00 PM 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony Prerecording Zoom

    Tues 6/9: Benchmark Support

    Wed 6/10: Google Classroom Trainings; Promotion Zoom available to families

    Thurs 6/11: Last Day of School

    • 9-11 Drive-Up 5th Grade Promotion

    Fri 6/12: Placement Cards Due

    • Noon: SSES Retiree Celebration at Fish Mosaic and Garden

    Happy Birthday June Birthdays!

    6/9: Meteline Miranda

    6/18: Joellen Semo

    6/26: Andrea Rivas-Mulia

    PTO News and Updates

    We are SO FORTUNATE at Silver Strand to have the ongoing support of our PTO. Thank you for all you do with your time, energy, and fundraising!

    Silver Strand Luau: We are so very sad to report that our SSES PTO and Principal Moore have made the difficult decision to cancel our Silver Strand Luau scheduled for April 24. We are so grateful for our PTO volunteers, parents, and staff who were preparing for this amazing event, along with a slate of amazing vendors and services. We fully intend to reschedule and hold our 25th Luau, but are not in the position to designate a new date at this time. Thank you for your donations and volunteerism--we look forward to mobilizing our forces in support of family togetherness and our wonderful school community SOON! We will have SO MUCH to CELEBRATE!

    Put your child's Name in Lights on the Silver Strand's Marquee Sign! We now have a convenient online form to easily schedule your Birthday, Welcome or Farewell message! The cost is $20 and your donation supports the SSES PTO! Schedule online now:

    Silver Strand PTO Board

    • President: Lori Blauert
    • Vice President: Nellie Ritter
    • Treasurer: Leslie Broussard
    • Secretary: Leigh-Ann Williamson
    • Parliamentarian: Lisa Emme

    Silver Strand PTO
    Call or Text: 619-537-8782

    Join Silver Strand PTO Today!

    In addition to building community, supporting curriculum, and enriching students' school experience, the Silver Strand PTO is responsible for Family Fun Nights, Holiday Shoppe, Yearbook and Luau to name a few. Our fundraising efforts provide for school field trips and enrichments clubs. We are unable to do what we do without the support of Silver Strand families, teachers and staff.

    Coronado Schools Foundation Events & Updates:

    Coronado Schools Foundation’s mission is to raise and manage funds to provide exceptional learning experiences for all Coronado Unified School District students. We thank you for your partnership in this time of public uncertainty and applaud each one of you for continuing your commitment to the educational enrichment of our children.

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    Coronado SAFE Resources

    See the flyer below for resources on navigating physical distancing.

    Visit Coronado SAFE's website for more resources and info on activities in the community:

    Big picture

    2019-20 Parent and Student Handbook

    Our Parent and Student Handbook includes more detailed information about our school programs and policies. Click here to access our handbook (also available on our website).

    Community Agreements and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

    We are in year 2 of a district-wide review and revamping of our supports and interventions for students, including academic and behavioral/social-emotional. The aim is for our community to have clear and consistent expectations and interventions with a restorative and supportive focus. Our Silver Strand MTSS committee has drafted a set of Community Agreements for students, staff, and families (see attachment below). We are also working on updated referral/intervention forms and a new look and focus for our "blue slip" incentive forms. We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress and inviting your feedback!

    Stay Connected with Silver Strand Elementary School!!

    We want you to be "in the know"! Read our weekly email, and please check our website to stay up to date on school news, programs, and upcoming events. There is a "Search and Popular Pages" tab on the middle righthand side of our Home Page. This contains Voyager Family Emails, PTO link, Menu, Calendar and other important information. There is also an orange PeachJar tab on the bottom right of the Home Page. PeachJar contains flyers for Enrichment Clubs and other organizations hosting events at our school and in the community. The link to our homepage is:

    Check out and "like" our Facebook page to see photos of student events and programs!