Let's Drive, Henry Ford!

Peter and Connie Roop


Detroit farm in Dearborn, Michigan



It starts when Henry is a boy. When his mom was mad she did not talk to him or smile at him. in 1876 his mother died and his world changed. He started school but instead he walked to Detroit. When he grow up he meet a women named Clara. In a few years they got married. At the house Henry started on a horseless carriage. He spent day and night on his horseless carriage. In a couple of more years they had a baby boy named Edsel.

Then Henry got a job at the Edison Illuminating Company. In a few years he finally finishes his horse less carriage he was ready to try it out he got a friend named Jim he rode on his bike to warn people that it is coming. Once they did that Henry was ready to take it out to the country to show his dad when he got there his dad was interested but he did not want to ride it . He still thought that Henry should still be a farmer . He thought it was just another one of his toys but Henry knew better and he knew that if he could build one, he could make more. He knew that people were interested in it. If he left it alone someone tried to drive it. He got in trouble with the police, and the car was causing traffic problems . He was ready to make another automobile. He called it the 999 car. In a few years he thought to make them all the same color . On 1863 on a small Michigan farm Henry changed the world .

What lessons did Henry learn?

He learned to always work hard he also learned to not tell all he knows.

What character traits made Henry great?

He was a hard worker, successful, proud, determined, caring, and never gives up.