Google Forms Can Grade 4U

BEST District of the EVSC - September 28, 2016

The Why

You can save an immense amount of time by letting the power of Google grade your assessments for you (BTW-You won't need to use Flubaroo or a Spreadsheet). With a few extra clicks Google Forms will allow you to assess and score so much more efficiently. Here's how!

Step 1: Switch to the New Google Forms

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Step 2: Create Your Form as Usual or Open a Previously Created Form

Step 3: Open the Settings (Click the Gear)

The steps shown are listed below.

  1. Gear
  2. Quizzes
  3. Make this a quiz
  4. Save
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Step 4: Setting Up the Answer Key - I

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Step 4: Setting Up the Answer Key - II

The steps are listed below:


  1. The Correct Answer(s)
  2. Number of Points Possible
  3. Add Answer Feedback - What do you want students to see from you if the answer is correct or incorrect? (OPTIONAL)

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Step 5: Administer the Assessment

Step 6: View Results

After submission . . .

Students can view their results instantly by clicking the link listed as "View your score".
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Did You Know?

The teacher can go in on the individual student submissions tab and manually enter any score. This could be really beneficial for those constructed response question types.

Daniel Watson, M. Ed.

ICATS School Support - BEST District

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

Evansville, IN