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For the Mid-Year Holidays Plus

Important Reminders

21 Dec 2015 - 6 Jan 2016--Schools closed for Mid-Year Holidays

  • 12-month employees are scheduled to work 21-22 Dec 2015 and 4-6 Jan 2016 (Call before you come to the school as we may be off campus)

5 Jan 2016--HMS Basketball vs McAdory (Home)

7 Jan 2016--Teachers return for local school PD

  • PLCS 8:30 AM until 12 Noon (See chart below)

7 Jan 2016--HMS Basketball @ Helena

8 Jan 2016--District PD (See below)

11 Jan 2016--Local PD (See below)

12 Jan 2016--Students return

12 Jan 2016--NO Faculty Meetings during planning periods (Make sure you read all reminders sent out via email)

12 Jan 2016--MEDC in Conference Room

12 Jan 2016--All time cards for the holiday break must be approved

14 Jan 2016--Fire/Tornado Drill 6th Period

14 Jan 2016--Crisis Center Presentations: Stress Management (Porter and Shaw's 8th Grade)

15 Jan 2016--Area Spelling Bee

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Message from the Principal

  • As you can see from the charts above, there are many gaps in the PD assignments for many subject areas. As I get more updated information, I will be updating this chart and emailing it out. Consequently, everyone needs to make sure they check their email at least by Wednesday, Jan 6, to make sure you are not being sent to an off campus location Jan 7 or 8,
  • All teachers are responsible for the information that we send out to you via email. "I forgot" or "I did not check my email" are not acceptable excuses.
  • Ms. Wilson sent out a suggestion to reset your password before you leave on the break. If you do not know when your password will expire, it would be a good idea to reset it before you leave today.
  • Remember when entering grades for students currently assigned to the JCCLC, you will need to run a grade report from CompassLearning and enter their grades in INOW. The grades in CompassLearning are not weighted at the 75%/25% categories so you cannot simply take the overall grade from CompassLearning. You will need to enter the assessment average and the classwork average from CompassLearning in INOW to get an accurate grade for the students.
  • Evidence for your PLP should be entered in a timely manner and not at the last moment. Please take steps to catch up if you are behind in entering your evidence so that we start the 2nd semester on target.
  • All electronics in the classroom should be turned off before you leave today(computers including monitors, printers, etc...).
  • Turn off thermostats when you leave next Friday.
  • Make sure you are reviewing the duty roster each week. Morning duty begins at 7:20 not 7:30.

Christopher Anders

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