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What's UP in Room 203?

I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend! I was able to go to the fair and went out to Globe Life Ballpark today in this blazing heat! Where is our fall weather?! We have a busy and exciting week ahead!

Super Student: None (short week!)

Pawsitive Panther for September: Jack Provost

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Academic News for the Upcoming Week


Last week, students finished up rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000, and 10,000. Your children did great! They loved being able to round numbers using the number line! Monday we will have our rounding assessment (Friday's are so busy for us!)

Next week, we will start our second topic: Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers. Students will learn the properties of addition, how to use mental math, and how to estimate addition and estimate subtraction. This unit will take us 2 weeks.

Keep in mind, students will continue to have daily math homework to reinforce skills learned in class as well as Daily 6 Review on Thursday nights. Also, please please please continue to work addition/subtraction facts at home.


This upcoming week students will continue learning about how we can think deeper into our books. Most students can tell us the characters, setting, problem and solution, however in third grade our goal is to get deeper. The anchor chart posted is our focus for next week. It creates a nice visual for our kids on how we can jot deeper.

Science/Social Studies

This week students will finish off their Declaration of Independence webquest and we will begin to dig into the U.S. Constitution.

In science lab, students are continuing to learn about animal adaptations and played the food chain game in lab on Friday.


This week we will finish up the prewriting stage, and focus on one quick write students have written. This quick write will be one student's can see themselves taking through the whole writing process.

In nouns, we will be taking our noun test tomorrow since we ran out of time. Students will be allowed to use their grammar notebooks to help them. Then, we will move onto verbs. We will define what a verb is and the three different types: action, linking, and helping verbs.

Pictures: Students were engaged in the writing roulette prewriting strategy. I shared with them the wordless picture book Tuesday and they each had 30 seconds to write about what they saw as a storyteller. Then after time was up, I had them pass their journals to the left and then I turned the page and they continued working on the other person's writing. This continued until we finished the book. They LOVED this!

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We will be taking our Unit 2 spelling test tomorrow. I will also send home the next spelling unit home with your child tomorrow.

Rule: When a word ends in a consonant and “y”, change the “y” to “i” before adding a suffix.

Example: family to families







Dash and Dot (Robotics!)

Our class was one of the lucky classes to try out Dash and Dot! Students will be learning how to code a robot and tell it what to do. Right now, we are trying to learn how to code and get to know our robots better. As we move throughout the year, we will apply our robots to academics.

The kids sometimes get stumped and this is where I try to get them to think like problem solvers and to work as a team. Everyone will have different thoughts and ideas.

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Friday Reader

Lynsey Provost engaged our students as our Friday Reader this week! Thank you for coming by!
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Important Dates

Individual School Pictures

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 8am

3505 Amherst Avenue

Dallas, TX

Red Ribbon Week

Monday, Oct. 19th, 9pm to Friday, Oct. 23rd, 11pm

3505 Amherst Avenue

Dallas, TX

  • Monday, October 19: "Respect Yourself - be Drug Free" - Wear: Red
  • Tuesday, October 20: "Join the Fight Against Drugs" - Wear: Camo
  • Wednesday, October 21: "Your future is bright without drugs" - Wear: Rainbow of Colors (by Grade!) (Kinder - Red / 1st - Orange / 2nd - Green / 3rd - Blue / 4th - Purple)
  • Thursday, October 22: "Team Up Against Drugs" - Wear: Favorite Sports Team shirt
  • Friday, October 23: "Show your Spirit against Drugs" - Wear: Panther wear

Early Release

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 1pm

3505 Amherst Avenue

Dallas, TX