Latin Pop

By: Paige Watto

Origin of genre

Originated from Latin America namely in Spanish and Portuguese speaking counties and in the Caribbean. Latin pop first reached global audience in the mid 1960's through bandleader Sergio Mendes.

The main instrument

The typical Latin pop instrument are Spanish guitars, bass guitars, accordions,drums,bongo drums, drums,keyboard, drum machines,trombones,pianos,trumpets,claves,cowbells,congas,timbales.

People that are associated with Latin Pop

Latin pop is commonly associated with Spanish-language pop,rock,and dance music. Major Latin pop songwriters are Leonel García, Gian Marco, Estefano,Kike Santander, Juan Luis Guerra,Mario Domm, Rudy Pérez, and Draco Rosa.

Latin Dances

There's different types of Latin dances that go with Latin pop music like the Salsa,Cha Cha, Lambada,Bachata, Rueda De Casino, and Samba.

The influence of Latin music

In the 1960's and 1970s, multi ethnic bands brought new energy to music. Groups like Santana,Sly and the Family Stone, and Tower or Power brought together musicians and artists of all races and ethnicities to create an unique sounds and powerful messages.