Dont judge a book by its cover.


Stargirl-is a preson who is not afaid to be herself.Leo-is a person who falls in love with stargirl. Archie-is a wise preson and people come to him for help.

My favorite part of the book:

My favorite part of the book is when Stargirl and Leo start dating and, when they kissed and, when they split up and, 15 years later for is brithday he gets a porcupine necktie.

Figurative language

Strong vreds

Screaming-She screamed because she got scared.Bolted-She bolted to get to the finish line. She swriled around because she was happy. She raced to school because she was late. 

The book stargirl

The book stargirl is about a girl who was home school but then came to a real school and she was not like everyone else and she meet a boy named leo and feel in love but she tired to be like everyone else but she deicied that it is good to be who you are but then she moved away but leo never forgot her.

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page 22,15,16,17,18,19