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January 15, 2021

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Principal's Message

Hello Preschool families! Happy Friday! I hope you and your child had a wonderful week. I have enjoyed visiting classrooms this week to have some fun with the students while they have learned about Making Music and Exercise.

Reminder: NO SCHOOL MONDAY, 1/18 in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday. We will see you on Tuesday!

I want to take a moment for a few safety and procedural reminders. Please remember that the speed limit is 25 mph on all streets in our neighborhood. In our school zone, the speed limit is 15 mph when the lights are flashing—this includes when you pull out of our driveway, please. Also, please remember our procedure to enter our school driveway. Please follow S. Benedict and turn right onto Carver Ave. This will permit you to turn right into our parking lot or driveway. If the cars are lined up on the road to enter our driveway, please bring the line into the parking lot. This will prevent us from lining up too far down the road or onto S. Benedict. Also, please be respectful of residents’ driveways. Please do not ever block a driveway. We definitely want to be respectful of our neighbors!

One last reminder: Our arrival time is 7:45-8:15. Students should arrive in time to be in their classroom by 8:15. Please arrive between these times unless you have some extenuating circumstance.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these important reminders!

Have a wonderful weekend. Stay healthy!

Portrait of a Graduate

This week we wanted to highlight what the Portrait of a Graduate looks like for a student at ORSP. Please see the document below.

Important Dates

No School

  • 1/18 Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • 2/11-12 Home Visits


Exercise- 4's

This week our classrooms explored different kinds of exercise. They had large group discussions based on "how we move our bodies from place to place" and "fitness stations" that they could create within the classroom. They are using these stations to practice various exercise skills.

Making Music- 3's/Multi Age Rooms

This week the 3's and multi-age rooms have been busy learning all what instruments we can play by hitting, tapping, or shaking. Music was heard down the hallway all week.


This is the start of an ongoing series on how and why oral language and literacy should be a part of children's everyday experiences and activities. We'll highlight and discuss the skills and knowledge children need to become successful readers and writers after they leave our program.

Literacy as a Source of Enjoyment

When children enjoy having books read to them and when they are excited about what they are hearing and learning, children are motivated to learn to read. Children's vocabularies increase as they are introduced to new words and they also practice reading more often when they find it enjoyable and useful. A central goal in preschool is to introduce your child to the power and pleasure of literacy. A love of reading can begin long before they start at elementary school. When you as a parent hold your child and read aloud, your child begins to experience reading as a pleasurable activity.

Things you can do at home to promote literacy as a source of enjoyment:

  • Talk about enjoyable purposes of literacy: when you read a story to your child, talk about why you chose the book and why you enjoy it.
  • Make storytime pleasurable: be excited when your reading to your child. Create a warm, nurturing atmosphere for reading aloud.
  • Capture your child's interest before starting the story: Ask questions about the picture on the front of the book and relate it to a previous experience you've both shared.
  • Have books available for your child: Let them explore books on their own. You can use the public library to reserve books and pick them up (due to COVID protocols they are currently not letting patrons in). If you need any age appropriate books for your child please let your teacher know and we can arrange to send books home with your child.

Family Services

Love and Logic

Attention families!!! You have the opportunity to sign up for 2 upcoming sessions of Love and Logic.
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Parenting the Love and Logic Way

Click here to register

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Below are links for various programs in our community that can help with assistance.

Health and Safety

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How Right Now

This time of year, we may be experiencing many different emotions. We may be grieving losses or feel anxious about all that’s going on. There are silver linings to be found and ways to be grateful during this season of thanks.


  • Please give your teacher the information needed if you would like to participate in the Ready4K program.
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Meals for Connect OR

Information to request meal pickup if you are enrolled in ConnectOR

Lisa Downard, Principal lmdownard@ortn.edu

Erin Pearson, Education Coordinator eepearson@ortn.edu

Tribby Kelly, Family & Community Engagement, Compliance Monitor, ERSEA tkelly@ortn.edu

Julie Julian, Health & Facilities Coordinator jmjulian@ortn.edu