Why do we vomit?

By:Isabelle Matthys

Symptoms, what causes vomiting and how this can affect your daily life.

Symptoms- fever, lightheadedness, excessive sweating, abdominal pain and dry mouth.

Causing of vomiting: overeating, intense pain, viral infections, food poisening and motion sickness.

How does this affect you: cannot go to school, can't hang out with people and needs to get a lot of rest.

Cells affected and long term affects

Meaning- eject from stomach to the mouth; regurgitate

Cells affected-

  • limbic cells in the limbic system, which contains your emotions and if you see something gory then it triggers that system and causes stres and causes you to throw up sometimes.
  • Autonomic nervous system which controls internal organs and that's where it repulges and makes you throw up if it's From your stomach.
  • The area postrema codes for toxins and when there is one the body makes you vomit it so it doesn't poisen you.

Long term effects:

  • If coughing reflexes are weak then it can cause increase risk of aspiration
  • Not brushing teeth after can wear down your enamel on teeth from gastric acid in the stomach.

Medicines to help- Bonine, Dramamine and pepto bismol

  • Bonine and Dramamine both help with motion sickness and drowsiness
  • Pepto bismol helps with an upset stomach and relieves nausea


There is no cure for vomiting, it Is just a phase the body goes through to let out all waste that might hurt your body in the future.

Other interesting information

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When you are sick....

  • Avoid eating foods that are hard to digest
  • Cold meals will soothe your stomach more
  • Do not lay down while eating, sit up
  • Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day to help calm your stomach down
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