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Sailing Holidays: Basic Beginner’s Tips for Sailing

Here at Canary Sail, it is important for us to provide a good learning experience to our students. If you have just recently become interested in sailing and are looking for a good sailing school, then why not try our services? Canary Sail has been in the sailing school business for over 10 years now providing excellent quality RYA sail training, cruising and bareboat charters to our students from all around the world from Alaska to Europe, Asia and even Australia. Through our dedicated team of hardworking instructors, you would definitely be able to go on sailing holidays in no time.

If you’re new to sailing, then you should know more about the basic sailing tips and instructions in order to master them. When you master these basics, it wouldn’t take long for you to go on sailing holidays.

· The first thing you should do is choose calm and un-crowded waters. This is important because you are just starting out with sailing and you would need to be in favorable waters and in ideal conditions that would help you practice better.

· Beginners should mostly start using a small boat because they are easier to use and maneuver. By using a small boat, it would be easier for you to learn how to sail. You should also choose a boat rigged with one sail to make learning less complicated.

· You should always consider your safety when you are sailing. Whether you are an expert, a beginner or somewhere in between, safety should always be prioritized. Always know when it is safe to go out on the water and always bring with you a flotation device. Above all else, you must learn how to swim.

· Be familiar with tide and weather conditions.

· Master the different sail settings or just be familiar with sail control. This includes being able to take advantage of the wind.

· Purposely capsize your boat. Remember, experience is the best teacher. You’d be able to learn what to do during a capsized boat better if you experience it on hand.

· Know the basic sailing terms.

· Constantly practice what you learn.

Learning to sail in the Canary Islands with Canary Sail, an RYA Training Centre (1 minute)