History is us

Trails Map

The Trails Map is a map of the 19th century. The 19th centery is important becuase of World War 1

Some of the places on the Trails Map is the Chishlom Trail,Great Western Cattle Drive,Trails of Tears.

Time Zones Map

The Time Zones Map is a map about how all of the places in the world have diffirent time zones.That means that one time on one side of the world is not the same as the other side.For ex it might be 1:00AM in Atlanta and 7:00PM in China.The types of time zones are Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaskan, Hawaiian/Aleutians.

Important Locations Map

The Important Locations Map is map about were the Great Salt Lake,Mojave Deasert,Salton Sea, and the Grand Canyon.(here they are on the map)--------------------------------------------------->

Important Cities Map

The Important Citiys Map is a map of Pittsburgh, PA, Birmingham, AL, Chicago, IL, Kitty Hawk, NC, San Francisco, CA, Ellis Island, NY, and Angel Island, CA.