bailey Hickerson

this is me and who i am

i would like to introduce you to me.

i would like to explain and discuss some topics that i would like for people to see me as.

personally i would like to be an authoritative figure. i would not like for people to trample over me. i like to have a say so or doing in any discussion. when i have kindness people mistake it for weakness, then i might become snoty when im required to stand up for what is right.

some things that have happened in my past

i have currently been to 4 different middle makes me quiet and aware of the different people in this world. i dint count the other 3 elementary schools mostly because most people take it the wrong way and try to clam that i'm bragging.

some things that inspire me

as horse back riding being my favorite sport, when i see more then just a person sitting on a horse.i can see the hard work and dedication that goes into the sport.i also can see a normal person like me that was able to succeed in there biggest dream. then there is the part where i see a horse that could be free caged up. this makes me want to set the horse free. like my dreams,thus making me a very outgoing person.when it comes to figuratively speaking.

somethings that modivate me and dissapoint me along with hobbies ect.


i have recently started taking activities with my father in airbrushing and powder coating. this is simular to some work that i have been doing lately.
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horse photo creds

all photos are from google

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some songs, poems , and people that encourage me to continue.

Chris Cagle, ‘Let There Be Cowgirls’. makes me strive to be just as capable of anything a man can do. i have learned from my mother not to rely on other people. this pushing me harder to be independent. .

one of my fovorite poems is "who i am, growing up". as bad as it may be, for me it is true. it describes me during my hardships yet iit makes my good times feel better and more relatable. while im not as "deep as others" pain is still very real in my lifetime of only 13.

a quote or two that inspire me

"be careful with words that come through your mouth. once they are said they can only be forgiven not forgotten.

ten discriprive word about me