the place to be

Saskatchewan is a very nice place. when people here Saskatchewan they think of massive fields and long roads as long as the humane eye can see. Saskatchewan is one of Canada's prairie provinces. Saskatchewan is also very big.

major cities

major cities in Saskatchewan are Saskatoon, Regina and moose jaw
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major landforms

some major landforms in Saskatchewan are hills, rivers, lakes, and sand dumes

natural resources

the main resource of Saskatchewan is lumber there is a lot of lumber in Saskatchewan and also potash potash is a various mined and manufactered salts that contain potasiom in water soulible form


tourism in Saskatchewn, Tagwa park and the recourse ranch. tagwa park is a trail through out wayborn.


Saskatchewan is located in great boreal forest In medow lake provincial.

wonder questions?

how many people live in Saskatchewan? 2011, 9772! wow that's a lot