Items For Baby's

Every Thing A Baby Needs

Baby Clothing

Babies need lots of clothing because they are very messy and dirty. The best clothing babies will wear is Jordan's and Nike products. The reason is because when they get older and they would like to see there baby pictures and they are wearing ugly clothing they would get mad. Some other good clothing for babies is North Face and Columbia jackets. That is to keep the baby warm and stylish. Babies will need about 15 outfits.


Dippers is really something that you are going to need with a baby. Babies go through dippers like it is nothing but u will need it and u will need to use it right. if u don't use the dippers right the poop will just go down the babies legs. you will need like about 2 pamper bags.

Baby Gear

The type of baby gear you are going to need is a stroller and some things like a bed and a crib. Also you are going to need a car seat. The car seat is one of the most important parts. The reason for that is because if you get into a accident you will need something like a car seat. You will need about 2 of every baby gear.

Baby Feeding

When it comes down to baby 's you will need to have food that a baby can eat. For the first couple of months they can survive on milk and breast milk. When that is over you will need to have real food for babies but u will need to make Shure it is munched up. you will need 15 food container.

Baby toys

Baby need toys to play with. They also need toys to keep them distracted. Toys can help with there imaginations. They will keep themselves occupy so you can do what you need to do. You will need about 10 toys for the baby.

Baby beds

Babies also need a bed to sleep in. Also need a bed to keep them warm. Babies need a bed because if they lay on a couch they will end up rolling on the floor. you will need the same amount of beds for as the baby's

Baby safty

Babies are some of the kids who likes to get into lots of things. Babies also like to move around. They also like to play hide in seek so they get into things without u knowing. you will need forty five safety things. Also a couple of safety locks.

Baby health

Babies need good health care while they are growing up. Also they need a lot of protection from dirty objects, don't put anything in there mouths or they will choke. go to doctor 1 every week in a half.