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Detailed Job Description:

Gardeners are responsible for growing and cultivating all types of plants like flowers, trees, shrubs, and lawns in a variety of green spaces. These could be public parks, gardens, sports grounds and schools. If you are passionate about nature and the environment, this could be the varied and fulfilling career that you're looking for. To be a gardener you'll need to enjoy outdoors lifestyle. Creativity and an eye for detail will help you to grow gardens that offer enjoyment and interest all year round.

Pictures on job interactions:

Level Of School To Obtain The Career:

High school diploma, associates degree, bachelor's degree/certificate program may be required for some jobs. Degree field: Horticulture, landscape, design, or related field. Experience preferred but not required.


The average pay for a Gardener is $12.97 per hour. Average salary: $30,860.

Where Can You Work In The World/U.S.?

Gardener city of San Antonio T.X. ($11.47 an hour.)

Is There Continuing Professional Development For This Career?

Yes. There is an ornamental Horticulture designed for serious gardeners wishing to expand their knowledge of horticulture.

What Do You Find Interesting About This Career?

There are at least 10,000 varieties of tomatoes from small cherry ones to ponderosa, which can weigh over three pounds.

Additional Info:

In gardening you have to deal with these things:

•raising plants from seeds/cuttings

•digging, planting, and weeding flower beds and borders.

• pruning shrubs

• checking health of plants by identifying any pests or diseases and controlling them.

•Using machinery such as lawn mowers, rotorators and hedge trimmers.