Silk Weaving


About silk weaving

  • Fine silk is actually a product of worms, that eat nothing but mulberry leaves.
  • In ancient China, women tended these silkworms until they spin cocoons. Then the women carefully unwind the cocoons and wove threads into silk cloth.
  • 1 of the last steps was to pound the silk to soften it. only wealthy people could afford the fine silk robes.
  • The silk road got its name from silk, a valuable cloth first made ONLY in China. Han farmers developed new method for raising silkworms, which made the silk provided for the robes for the wealthy people.
  • Han workers found new ways to weave and dye the silk.
  • Silk weaving is very important to Chinese history, its also very important because its resembles a piece of china that i have never would have known unless i never studied this topic of Silk weaving in China.

Thinking of silk weaving

  • I think that if silk weaving was never invented in china, some of our clothes in the United States, wouldn't be here today. I think this because many of Americas things are imported from China, so if most clothes are imported from China, we probably wouldn't have the fine nice and silky clothes we have now that might have been imported from China.
  • I also think that it toke the Chinese people a long time to make the silk clothes, and to be able to keep making those same exact pattern trough the same piece of weaving of clothing ( to make robes for the wealthy people to have and to own).

Here are some pictures of the fine silk weaving system they had in China.

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