Fountaindale Elementary

School Closing Update March 16-27, 2020

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From the Principal

Good morning:

First I would like to thank all of the families for remaining calm and allowing the normal flow of the school day to happen on Friday. It was noted by many staff members that it felt like a normal day of learning, when in fact we knew that it was not based on what was to come.

For the next two weeks the schools are closed to students and non-essential staff. Our office will be open if you need assistance, we prefer that you call versus coming to school. We have work here in the office for students that were absent on Friday and encourage you to call, make an appointment to come in and pick it up for your child. Teachers on Friday worked diligently to make sure that students had work for the upcoming two weeks and I hope that you will honor their work in meeting students continued learning needs.

Pre-K-2 students were sent home with at least five books for reading. Please read to your child and with your child daily over the next two weeks. If you need more books, please let us know, this is not a vacation, it is a time for continued learning.

Students in grades 3-5 brought home their iPads. Teachers have created assignments in the Google Classroom for your students to complete. They also have access to Khan Academy, Moby Max, Ebooks, and several other programs to extend their learning. The expectation for students that was articulated by teachers on Friday is that the work is to be completed and will be graded. As a community it is important to honor the teachers commitment to continued learning over this break from our normal school routine. If you have any questions please contact the school

The Center for Educational Services is updating information for the community as it becomes available, please read this information to stay connected. Again if you have questions they can be directed to

Please remember we need to keep our student learning and focused as there is more school to come. Encourage learning on a daily basis and check to be sure your children are putting in some time during the day to engage in a learning environment.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Theresa L. Williamson Ed.d

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