Agatha Christie

By Adrian Yang biography by Carol Dommermuth-Costa


Agatha Christie a great women who lived in the town of Torquay on the southern coast of England she also survived through world war I and world war II . Mrs.Christie was a writer of mystery and love to decorate houses. In the beginning of the first part of book talks about her childhood or technically her "teen hood." In the second part the book talks about the her job and her love life attempting to get married also attempt to get a job. She laters haves her first child with her military husband who works with the air force. They decide to get married due to the circumstance that he could die in the war and she could inherit his money for the baby. They eventually got a divorce due to a bad relationship. Even later Agatha finds a man who was an archeologist and is a successful man in the business. They decide to get married and move into a small beat up house in Egypt to find artifacts. Finally after months of searching they find a lot of artifacts. After they found the artifacts they decided to move back to Europe they lived a nice apartment building but while they were both away it got bombed. Luckily they got a nice house but that wasn't their final house because Mrs.Christie was addicted to decorating houses she decorated, traded, bought, and sold she did everything you could do with a house. Finally she had a heart attack a weakened later she smashes her head on a window by accident which leads to more harm ,and finally she catches a cold while weakened and died. ):
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Agatha's War Experience

Agatha as you know lived through world war I and II so this is her experience. Agatha tried to live life to the normal when war happened it keep her busy do normal things so she try to almost ignore it . She use to have to go down to a bomb shelter because Europe was being bombed by Germany led by Adolf Hitler. Later her first husband leaves her to go fight in the war in the air force. Luckily he did not die. When Agatha gets a new house in an apartment building it was bombed fortunately Agatha and her new husband was not at the home at the time. Finally when the war was over every one celebrated and Agatha spent here remaining days writing mystery stories who which would lead later to the series of Sherlock Homes.

Agatha's mysterious disappearance

In 1927 Agatha had disappeared without any signs. The day of Agatha's disappearance officials found her car next to a lake which led to many scenarios kidnapping by a fan did she take her life? All possibilities but about a week later Agatha was found signed into a hotel as a different person acting like nothing happened.
Agatha Christie - A Life of Mystery

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie lived from 1890 to 1976 that means when she died she was 86!