Nacogdoches Newspaper

Land Grants!

Haden Edwards bought a land grant for the area of Nacogdoches; the original settlers of Nacogdoches are unhappy about that.

Nacogdoches Elects a new Mayor

The city of Nacogdoches needs a new mayor. There were two candidates for mayor, Samuel Norris, who agreed with the first settlers who lived in the area before Haden Edwards came. The other candidate was Chichester Chaplin, who was married to Edwards’s daughter and sided with the new settlers. After the vote for mayor, Edwards declared Chaplin the winner, but that might not be entirely true!

Big Disputes!

When Norris asked José Antonio Saucedo. Saucedo declared Norris the winner. Edwards was unwilling to accept Saucedo’s decision.There were more troubles in the colony , and settlers complained to more officials. While Edwards was away from Nacogdoches., his brother was encharge, and he wrote the Mexican government many angry letters. Finally, government officials decided to cancel Edwards’s land grant, which angered the empresario.

New countries

The city of Nacogdoches declared Independence. They called it Republic of Fredonia. Though the country did not last long. Mexican officials sent the military to destroy the country.