The Australian Gold Rush

By Faith


What is gold?

Gold is a precious, yellow metal that is found underground and cannot rust. People from all countries and states came to search for gold in Australia. If you didn't find any gold while panning, you would have to mine with a pickaxe which was hard work. While some people struck rich and found gold, all the others didn't find a single speck.

Searching For Gold

Order Being Maintained

During the gold rush, order was being maintained by having to have a licence. The licence cost 30 shillings a month and miners didn't like this new rule. People were not allowed to mine on Sundays. People with a licence could only mine 3.6 metres squared, this caused people of groups of two or three to join their licences together so they can mine further.

Women on the Goldfields

It wasn't just men on the goldfields, there was women too! Some women worked as shopkeepers, some worked at miners and diggers but most women stayed home with their children.

Chinese on the Goldfields

The Chinese wanted to come to Australia to mine for gold and to get away from their country. China was being attacked by war and loss of food. Some Chinese men would have to borrow money to go to Australia but if they didn't pay the money back, their family would become slaves.