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September 16, 2016

Ongoing Homework Reminders for this week

Students will have daily assignments.

The long term assignments for the next week are:

Turner's Math: Mon-Thurs Daily HW; Ten Marks due 9/23 (already loaded in but not officially assigned until Monday if you want to get ahead)

Social Studies: Study nightly; Discussion (eClass) will be assigned 21--due Wednesday 9/28

Science: Study nightly; Weather Discussion (eClass) assigned 9/14--due Wednesday 9/21

Writing: Mon-Wed Daily HW

Reading: 20 Minutes + Genre Bingo; Weekly Check in (eClass) due Fridays

Book Bags! Should they be heavy?

We've heard about some crazy weight lifting going on. We went through this list with the kids on Thursday, but some kids were with other teachers. So please take a minute if you can and look this over. Your child doesn't need to life weights. We have storage areas here for many items and we brainstormed this list to help!

Must Have in Bookbags:

· Binder (with planner)

· Red Folder (with classwork/HW packets)

· Blue Folder

· SS Book of Knowledge

· Science Journal

· Pencil Pouch

May Have in Bookbags:

· Device

· Library book

· Cursive Book

· Wordly Wise book

· Writer’s NB

SHOULD NOT Have in Bookbags:

· Toys

· Pokemon Cards

· Garbage

· Wallets

· Excessive or Old Snacks

· Candy/gum/erasers that are played with instead of used for erasing.

· Stuffed animals

Grading Discussions

  • Ms. Fenwick will officially grade reading check ins as of October.
  • In Science and SS we've had practice ones and started grading them this week.
  • This semester we'll have 1 grade in Science and 1 grade in Social Studies based on the discussions. We've gone over it with the students but each one is worth 10 points for participating, replying, reading, and the quality of all of those. Each week I'll put their new points in with what they've already done and average those to see what their score currently is. I'll also add which discussions are in each grade in the grade-book description of the assignment for your reference. So these grades could go up or down until the end of the semester based on how they do weekly. Students have these assigned from Wednesday to Wednesday and have a little class time they could use but also have the full week as homework. If your child can't do it at home for some reason, please let me know so I can be sure to give them time here.

Conferences--Schedule will be posted Monday

We are still missing conference preferences from many of you and will contact you individually to find out your preferred method.

General Announcements

  • Did you hear about the Constitution Kids? These 5 video segments played on the morning announcements this week for the whole school to see! Great job, students!
  • We need regular sized Pringles cans for a science experiment. Please include the lid, but NO chips.
  • Please email us about birthday treats or any other special snacks you plan to send in so we can confirm allergies first.
  • Make sure you check our Google Calendar on our website 1-2 times per week.
  • Website:

From Ms. Fenwick

Reading: We will introduce nonfiction texts through a StoryWorks story, The Flaming Sky. Don't forget to have your student continue reading for their Genre Bingo Card and that a Reading Check-In on eCLASS is due every Friday under the First Nine Weeks. We will also continue Wordly Wise Lesson 3. The quiz for Lesson 3 will be on September 23rd.

Writing: We will continue our first unit on Narrative Writing. We will continue revising our first published piece!

Grammar: We will study vivid verbs through a sentence we chose from a book we read together, When Lightning Comes in a Jar.

Spelling: Spelling words are on my "Fenwick 4th Grade Core" eCLASS page as well as on the top of their "Word Work" spelling classwork. This unit's spelling test will be on 9/30.

From Mrs. Turner

Don't Forget! --Repeat

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