Descriptive Writing

Z.M.T/zac attack:)


I woke up in the net. I look around I see terrifying people watching me. So then I looked straight I see a fastball that has fire coming off it. So I moved to save it.Then I hear loud screaming that made me feel deaf.I get up I smelled nice hot food. Then I smelled gross disgusting gloves that took away the awesome smell that made me feel like I'm in heaven. I was so subtracted by the the gross and fresh smell. The ball came to me and dirt came off and hit me in the face. so I fell and hit the ground hard like you are getting hit by car if you know if you know Then i couldn't see but the game was over but there had an amazing goalie..But l luckily we won 5-2 it was a tough game to


It smells like colors.

It looks like a colorful rainbow.

It sounds like laughter.

It tastes like skittles.

It feels like heaven.

It reminds me of life.


It smells like dark red.

It looks like a car crash.

It sounds like lightning.

It tastes like blood.

It feels like pain.

It reminds me of hulk.