Open Office


Open Office Environment

Our new open office environment encourages collaboration, improves communication, and allows different departments to merge together. Please review the following Open Office Etiquette.

Noise Level

  • Be aware of your voice level when on the phone and speaking to others in the office
  • Use handset or headset when talking on the phone
  • Use ear-buds when listening to music

Confidential Conversations

  • Close office doors when having a conversation
  • Utilize a conference room when meeting with coworkers
  • Utilize Left Seat or Right Seat when privacy is needed

Limit Distractions

  • Keep cell phones on vibrate
  • Keep computer sound on mute
  • Keep an open environment with an open door
  • Keep the door shut when on the phone

Keep our Space Beautiful

  • Leave areas the way you expect them to look when you use them