Sammy Davis Jr. Impresses the world

The start of Sammys life

Sammy Davis Jr. was the greatest entertainer in the world.Sammy would act in movies and he was a really good singer, he also is a comedian.They say that Sammy was a good dancer and he was the best on in the world.Sammy Davis Jr. was born on December 8, 1925, in New York City.Sammy was a "Black Star" and he was a Porto Rican dancer.Sammy went on stage for his first time when he was 3.When Sammy grew up he acted with his father and the Will Mastin trio.

The start of the Civil rights he was fighting for

In World War 2 Sammy served in the entertaining part.After the World War 2 Sammy Davis Jr.returned to New York to work on his job that he had to do.In the year of 1950, he did 2 Albums and he became really famous because of his Album and he was also the headliner in Las Vegas and In New York City.When he started to become famous he was a huge star on broadway and he was in the musical of Mr.Wonderful.When people heard him sing and watch him dance the felt joy.

What happened at the end of his life

In November 1954, Sammy Davis Jr.almost died in a car accident he had some injuries on his face and he couldn't see from his left eye.He was in the hospital because of rib eye and also he was with the Jewish people.Sammy was illegal in 31 states because of his marriages he married a Swedish actress that is named May Britt in 1960.When they moved into a house they had one daughter and they adopted 2 boys and Sammy Davis Jr. was married to Mary Britt for 8 years until they told him to get divorced because they were going to kill him if he didn't divorce her in 48 hours.Sammy was one of the people who was a champion of Civil Rights and at that time, it was very difficult.Sammy Davis Jr. was with Martin Luther King Jr. in the march.Sammy was in many different movies like in Porgy and Bess.In 1960, he became a superstar because he was in the Raptac movie series.Sammy married a different woman and her name was Altovise Gore and she was on fo the dancers from Sammy Davis Jr.In the 1970's he was famous and performed in the Casinos.Sammy was in the Cannon Ball run movie.He also did a movie with Gregory Hines and the movie was called Tap.About a year after that he got cancer.Sammy Davis Jr. was a lifelong smoker he died at age 64 on May 16, 1990, in Beverly Hills in California.

" A man is not complete until he has seen the baby he has made"-Sammy Davis Jr

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