Haley's Coaching Corner

---------------Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!


  • Fourth Grade is trying out a cool structure called Talk Read Talk Write in Math!
  • Fifth Grade participated in the Math Department's new interactive, online PD on Thursday!
  • Great conversations were heard while First Grade collaboratively backwards planned math!
  • Second & Third grades have already set the date for their Collaborative Learning half day! Looking forward to spending February 24th learning alongside you!
  • Kudos to Kinder! First grade shared that their students came really prepared for Number Talks!
  • It's PAYDAY!
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Math Update


As students are learning and practicing new math concepts, it is important to remember that representations support and communicate thinking. Representations are not simply a crutch for struggling students.

Representing their solutions is one of the means by which students can communicate to others their mathematical thinking and clarify in their own mind what meaning lies in the mathematics. It is up the teacher to help students make the connection between the models and the mathematics. Only by making that connection will students truly understand and internalize the math. (Click here for the full article.)

ELAR Update

Cluster 6: The first person to email me the season we are in will have a recess duty covered by me. Summarize to Determine Importance (Cluster 6) will be loaded for K-5 on January 22nd.


Soil, sand, and gravel has been delivered to all campuses this week.

Per the Science Department to all Elementary Schools:

Please look through the science lab equipment and talk with other grade level science leads before ordering supplies from the store. Also, be sure to read through lessons before ordering so that you know how much of given supplies your team might need.

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