Transforming by Relationships

How do people transform by their relationships with others?

Impact on yourself by others

Others can create good and bad impacts on you in life but no matter what people will transform you based on the people you spend time with or live with. These relationship you are having that transform you may have a small or large impact very fast or slow but more than likely they will leave with you a footprint to change you.

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Gimme a Call By Sarah Mylnowski

Devi is talking to herself three years ago on the phone after her phone fell in the mall fountain. By having this ability any mistakes she made since then she can change, shaping the future she wants. Like not being heartbroken about when her boyfriend dumps her and actually having time for her friends. ‘“ You could put a little more effort into your grades now that Bryan isn’t around.” “Listen, I have to go.” I don’t want to spend the next hour being lectured about all the ways I’m screwing up my future. Especially, since I’m fixing it all on my own. (pg 35)’ So her younger self not doing something will be changing Devi’s life. But accidental butterfly effects could shape her future in a way that might not suite her best.

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Introducing Friends

Ever since 2014 when I met my best friend, Tianna, along with introduced her to my other friend, Carly. They have seemed to change based on the others influences. Some good and some bad changes. Like Tianna and I getting in silly fights, and Carly being more sensitive to anything I say. Meaning they seem to change with new people involved in their life.

Pictures above and below by Brie Anderson

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This One Choice Can Transform Your Relationships

This One Choice Can Transform Your Relationships

How do people transform by their relationships with others? As she is saying in the video one choice can transform your relationships. Her point on it is fascinating in which, in an argument it is often over trying to be right. Think if in each disagreement you had if you would have just stopped and thought if you were just trying to be right.

Source: KaraOh. "This One Choice Can Transform Your Relationships." YouTube. YouTube, 26 June 2013. Web. 20 May 2016.

Trump For President

People relationship will change with others influences. Did you know three decades ago president Nixon told Donald Trump that he should be president. ‘According to a recent report, President Richard Nixon’s wife Pat saw Donald Trump on the Donahue show in 1987. Trump was a guest, and explained clearly the problems facing the American economy and just what should be changed. As a successful businessman, he knew exactly what needed to happen, and explained it well. According to biographer Michael D’Antonio, the former First Lady was amazed and informed her husband Richard Nixon about how great she found Trump. This left such an impression on America’s 37th President that he sent a letter to Donald Trump and encouraged him to run for office immediately… because America needs Trump!”

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Waiting For You

Since the beginning of sophomore year Marisa has been trying to get a boyfriend. But her crush is dating her enemy. Also Nash who is geeky and thinks she could never like tries to kiss her, setting their friendship to never be the same. With all this pressure and disappointment her parents are getting a divorce, which will change her life and family forever. ‘“We’re getting a divorce,” mom blurts out. They’re getting a divorce. Not just a separation. They can’t stand to be with each other so much that they have to make this permanent. Lock it down and let the whole world know. They’re just staring at me. I’m not sure what they expect me to do. Yell? Cry, like Sandra? (pg 191)’

Source: Colasanti, Susane. Waiting for You. New York: Viking, 2009. Print.

Gabby Douglas

Gabrielle was introduced to gymnastics by way of a cartwheel. Her older sister, Arielle – a former gymnast and competitive cheerleader, was determined to teach the toddler the sport she loved. Gabrielle immediately picked up her older sister’s love of the sport and soon taught herself how to do a one armed cartwheel.

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Halo by Beyoncé

Halo by Beyonce

After listening to the lyrics she said she was taking risks and so on answering my question by saying she is taking risks with a guy she wouldn't normally take.

Here is a link to the whole song with lyrics on youtube.

The Boy Project

Kara is trying to get a boyfriend but is doing anything to do so. By conducting her experiment she is losing friends, social popularity, and her personal responsibility. “ Come to my room after school for detention. I’ve already contacted your parents. They’ll pick you up thirty minutes late.” She is giving up personal responsibility and she got in detention because of a boy. So all of her relationships are transforming her as a person.

Source: Kinard, Kami. The Boy Project: Notes and Observations of Kara McAllister. New York: Scholastic, 2012. Print.