The Victorian Age

Household Items Can Make Your Skin Soft!

All during the Victorian period..

In the Victorian Age Queen Victoria would use household items to make her skin soft and healthy, in the years 1837-1901 was the Victorian Age. Grooming and different fashions were influenced by the social mores of this austere in history. Victorian women are said to have pinched their cheeks and bitten their lips to induce natural color rather than the use of cosmetics. To preserve the health and beauty of the skin, women used beauty masks and packs made from honey, eggs, milk, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients.

Victorian Age.

Beauty in the Victorian Age, women in the Victorian Age loved pale skin.. it was a sign of nobility. If the women felt as though their skin or face is oily they would dust powder in the oily parts making sure its as sparingly as they want. DIY skincare was very popular in the Victorian Age just like makeup and other products are popular today, what's different between the two is natural home remedies or things you would have at home is healthier.