Silver Birch Award® - NON-FICTION

Forest of Reading® 2018 - Grades 4 to 6

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what is the silver birch award® program and how do we participate?

The Silver Birch Award® reading program is geared to readers aged 8 to 12 and is divided into three separate lists: Express, Fiction and Non-Fiction. The Silver Birch Non-Fiction list includes ten titles and is intended for junior students in grades 4 to 6. Students wishing to vote for their favourite book must read a minimum of 5 of the titles on the list.

Book Bites

What is a BOOK BITE you ask? A BOOK BITE is a small "taste" of a book. Now before you go licking or biting any books, read on! A book bite tells you just a little bit about a book... just enough to wet your appetite and make you hungry to read more. Check out the BOOK BITES below and start devouring some good books!!

Book Trailers, Websites and Links

Watch a book trailer, visit a website or access links to further information and get excited about reading a good book!
12 Food Facts You Won't Believe Are True
An Astronaut's Guide to Life in Space

A series of videos about what it is like to perform daily activities in space.

happy reading everyone! hope to see you in the library!