when your are taking a transportation in Congo the bus always stop on the bus station . the bus have many colors , on the bus in Congo you should follow the rules , but on the bus the rules are unwritten , giving your set to a elderly person is enforce , greeted people on the bus is exception , it impolite to make eye contact or to talk to stranger but only if you need help , you have paid a tip to the bus driver , when you ask for help politely that a good manners, but you can't not take any buses because we have a buses that is for people who have disease problem , the government made a bus only for homeless , blind, people who can't walk and use wheel chairs.

Etiquette rules in taxis Congo

  • Don't make eye contact
  • Tip the taxi driver
  • Don't blow your nose
  • Give your sit to elderly person
  • Don't live litter