Most infuential person in the world

Aziz Ansari is the #1 star forever


#1: Aziz Ansari is known for his series regular role as Tom Haverford on the NBC show parks and Recreation.

#2: In 2007, he created, and starred in the critically acclaimed MTV sketch comedy show Human Giant, which ran for two reasons.


#1: Because a lot of people see him on TV.

#2: Once you become a comedian you accept that people are just going to yell stuff at you.


He has described himself as an atheist. His mother, Fatima, works in a medical office, and his father, Shoukath, is a gastroenterologist. He was born in Columbia, South Carolina to a Tamil Muslim family from Tamil Nadu, India. In 2000, Ansari headed to New York for college. In 2009, Ansari began his run as local official Tom Haverford in the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation, starring Amy Poehler.


Aziz Ansari's job is an actor because a lot of people see him on NBC series Parks and Recreation and you can see him on the Netflix TV series Master of None.
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