Key Trends - Future Workplace

Building The Next Gen “Future Workplace”


Employee Experts (E2), is a Bangalore based Organization focusing on building the next generation “Future Workplace” (ESP - Employee Service Platform™), a platform centered on Employee operations and services in an Organization.

The concept “Employee Centric Automation” as well as the SaaS modeled ESP have received applause from various Industry experts, influencers and business leaders, as it breaks the functional boundaries of traditional ERPs and enables Organizations to manage the operations in an integrated way.

Having worked with large global organizations in the area of HR Technology, Employee Experts understand the problems and gaps very well. The speakers are a senior managerial team from Employee Experts.

The Perspective

The traditional automation perspective (including all ERPs) is purely driven from a Departmental or functional focus.

For the past few years, there is a lot of talk about HR moving from "personnel data management" role to more central "business enabling" role with limited success. A few of the Global successful companies have managed to do that.

It is believed that by treating Employees the way Organization/Management want them (Employees) to treat the external Customer, Companies will build a long term sustaining winning Culture that will be a huge differentiators in the new market place.

Why should you attend this?

  • To know how will “Future workplace” be like?
  • What is the impact of Consumer Technology advancements on Enterprise?
  • What “Enterprises” need to do to take advantage of these changes?

Key trends – “Future work place”

Learn about some of the expectations / challenges of New generation work force:
  • They want to be creative. They want to run their own businesses. They want accelerated career growth. In the words of one manager: “They don’t want a career, they want an experience.”

HR function
  • Traditionally, the HR has been responsible for the administration of the HR function, perceived to be in operational and tactical role. But as organizations strive to keep up with customer demands and industry competition, the HR function has needed to evolve into more of a strategic influencer.

Work place structure / systems
  • How do we simplify work environment to promote “smarter” work force and collaboration
  • Shifting from legacy silos to a single integrated system
  • Systems are designed in traditional, functional way, how do we simplify views, decision to employees (CEOs to Junior level employees)
  • How do we move away from system of records to system of engagements

  • Technology trends such as big data, mobile technology, cloud computing and social media are transforming the ways in which organizations and individuals engage with one another Howe do we leverage HR technology trends, drive organizational agility and workforce effectiveness

Attend this session to listen to details on this trend, followed with a platform demo - Employee Service Platform™ (ESP)

ESP™ is a next-generation Organizational operations automation product extending to cover the complete Employee operations in the Organization. This perspective positions ESP™ as the only product that seamlessly integrates HR data, Collaboration tools/techniques to drive the workforce effectiveness. The feedback ESP™ has received from Industry leaders, influencers and Business leaders from across the globe is a testimony of its unique value proposition and its ability to change the operations management within an Organization.

HR Practices Key Trends – The Future Workplace

Thursday, April 24th, 4pm

HiLITE Business Park


4:00 PM - Networking & Registration
4:30 PM - Welcome Address by the President
4:35 PM - Introduction of the speaker by the CEO of CafIT
4:40 PM - Keynote Address by Mr. CK Godavarma
5:50 PM - Platform Demo - Employee Service Platform™
6:00 PM - Open House for Q/A
6:30 PM - High Tea & Networking

Subscription Charges:
CAFIT Members: Rs. 400 per head
Non-CAFIT Members: Rs. 500 per head