Teva Hollinger Autobiography

By Teva Hollinger

Chapter One

When the teacher would call my name there would always be a stutter and they always say it wrong. There always that one teacher in a million years that would pronounce it perfectly. Kids would laugh when the teacher would say it wrong, not to make fun of me, but they were laughing at the teacher for saying it wrong. People would tell me that they liked the name Teva or say that there are shoes named after me, but the real story begins with a man with his boat. My parents were in Tahiti when they passed a man that told them that he could bring them out on his boat and see the island. On the boat my parents saw things that they have never thought of ever seeing. He brought them to all the best places that only the natives would know off. They saw animals, hidden caves, and waterfall. His name was Teva, he lived in the island with his son and wife. He would go out on his boat to fish and once in a while he would go out for a joyride. He knew the island inside and out, all the best places and the worst. He knew hidden reefs, caves, waterfalls, and lagoons. Teva meant powerful and nice inTahitief. There was a king named Teva in Tahiti that ruled for many years and the people liked him. I later learned that in Hebrew Teva means nature or outside wildlife. My mom told my dad that there firstborn son would be named Teva Hollinger no matter what. I love my name, I wouldn't know what name I would give myself if i could choose any other name in the world .When someone say Teva i think of the color blue and green, i think of nature and a relaxing spot in the world. The smell that fits my name is a nature forest smell and the ocean or fresh water smell. My name would be smooth with a little texture but now a lot.Teva makes me feel happy and relaxed. I don't think any other name would fit a person like me with a different name.

Chapter 2

I was born on April 12, 2000. I'm 14 years, 5 months, and 23 days old to be exact. Its been about 5289 days since my birth and about 126936 hours. Ever since i was born i was in this world for about 7616160 minutes, i have 189 days till my next birthday.

Birth Stone: Diamond

Zodiac Animal: Dragon

Moon: The moon was in its first quarter, half the moon was showing.

Weather: The weather was from 46 in the morning to a 77 high in the afternoon.

Wind and Humidity: The wind speed was 9 miles per hour with the humidity of 61.

Famous People born on April 12: J. Alexander from America's Next Top Model, Ed O’Niel from Modern Family, and Andy Garcia a movie actor.

World News: large earthquake hit Germany and in the same year Disney land is opened in

France. In 1907 Switzerland declares that all males that turn 18 must go though an army training camp in case if their country is ever under attack. On my birthday in 1877 the first ever catchers mask was used in a game to protect the catcher. In 1966 a fire in Massachusetts burns leaving 1700 thousand people homeless and in 2010 a train in Italy runs of its track killing 9 people and injuring 28.I 1922 Hitler Gave his grand speech in Berlin telling the public about his plans of the future of Germany. On 1973 Sudan adopts a constitution while swaziland suspends their constitution.

Sports: Arnold Palmer wins is golf match tournament on April 12,2000. The st. Louis Rams won the The Super Bowl, the New York Yankees won the world series, and Czech Republic won the Mens World Champion Ice Hockey that year.

Costs: When I was born a gallon of milk cost two dollars and eighty eight cents plus the tax of the state you are in. A luxury car cost $51,430 thousand, while a econmy car cost about $12,00 thousand. To go see a movie in 2000 it cost $5.39 per person. In 2000 President Bill Clinton was president. The top toy to have was the Teksa Robotic Dogs that would sell for $38.75.

Songs: The top songs were Breathe from Faith Hill, Smooth by Santana, and

Maria Maria.

Movies and shows: The most best rated and watched show was CSI. Some of the movies that came out was Gladiator, Chocolate, and X-Men. The top three movie stars were Leonardo Dicaprio, Christian Bale, and Gary Oldman.

Chapter 3

My family has a large history in Switzerland with a large impact. Most of our valuables are in my mothers uncles house, but the rest is in s museum of our family and in the factory. When asking my mother what was the valuable object is, she told me that there is a oil painting of my great, great, great, great grandfather who founded the factory. This piece is so important because this is the only painting that the museum doesn't have and want. My family doesn't want to give it to them because of some story's he had in the family. The man in the painting created the factory of rubber and he left a mark in history in Switzerland for my family. The factory also created machines which was a big thing of technology back then. the factory would make sewing machines and engines to help people to get things done faster. There's a museum in Switzerland with painting and objects that my family gave them about them. The museum has many paintings of my family members and paintings of places. The main reason why my family kept this is that later generation of my family and other people to see and learn about us and how life was back then. The museum keeps asking if they can have the painting but my grandfather tells them that he will never give it. This piece tells a lot about other things my family has because the painting is beautiful and has a meaning of place. Many other objects have a meaning in my family and why we hold on to them. I have never visited this place we always say we will but never get to it. I learned how much my family is in the history of Switzerland that I never knew, and I think it’s funny how here in America my family really has no big part, but in another country my family is big.

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Chapter 4

A- Adventurist because I like adventure and excitement in my life.

B-Bright becuase I'm not negative and I make people happy.

C- Care becuase I care about anything.

D- Daring becuase I like new things.

E- Eater becuase I eat and love food

F- failure because many things I fail first then succeed.

G- goofy becuase I'm funny and goofy.

H- humorous becuase I make jokes and make people laugh

I- Intelligent becuas I am smart about nature and other stuff in my own way.

J- Jolly becuase I'm positive and nice.

K- Knowledgblebecuase I am smart about nature and sports

L- Lucky because because I can become lucky at ti

M- Music becuase I love listening to music.

N- Nyctophobai becuas I'm scared of the dark sometimes.

O- ochlophonia because I don't like large mobs.

P- Positive becuase I hate being negative.

Q- quite because I'm quite at times when I'm around new people.

R- Responsible becuase from time to time and get my stuff done and my work complete.

S- swiss becuase I'm Swiss and I can speak it.

T- talkative becuase I love to talk and be social.

U- unique becuase I'm on of a kind.

V- violent becuase in fights with brother we attack each other.

W- Weird becuase sometimes I don't care about what people think about me.

X-xtreme becuase I love excitement

Y- Young becuase I'm only 14

Z- zetsty becuase I'm energetic and loud

Chapter 5 Thanksgiving Family History

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Teva Hollinger

Biography Part 1 by Teva Hollinger

Teva Hollinger

Biography Part 2 by Teva Hollinger

Chapter 7

Yin and Yang and Yang

In my mind, each colors has two meaning.

One good and one bad, just like Yin and Yang.

Red to me means anger and rage, but on the other hand, its means love and compassion.

Blue can be sorrow or sadness, but also calm and free like water flowing down a river.

Black triggers my emotion of darkness or that feeling of keeping a lie inside when you know the truth should come out, but also a serene and mysterious feeling because of the idea of a shadow lurking under the full moons light.

Some colors only have one emotional either good or bad.

Gold to me opens my mind to wealth and shine with no greedy feeling or anger.

But the color yellow and brown bring disgust and ugly to my mind because it reminds me of the public restrooms.

A thew colors bring back memories of places or people.

A color like a light sky blue reminds me of the water Hawaii or Lake Tahoe where I spend my summers.

But a color like grey reminds me off my aunts old house where me and my four cousins would be outside till the beautiful storm cloud are above and are pouring down rain.

I don’t know why colors have such an impact on my life, but it might just be me.

Chapter 8

  1. Animal: There are too many that are me, like a rabbit because I sometimes don't like change, but i'm a Panda because i'm calm and neutral.

  2. Car: Lamborghini Reventon because it's cool and expensive and I love having expensive things so I would be that.$1 Lamborghini Reventon $1.6 Lamborghini Reventon $1.

  3. Article of Clothing: I would be the T-Shirt because its the thing that stands out and what's on the T-Shirt is even cooler.

  4. Day of the Week: Saturday because you have a relaxing morning, a beautiful afternoon, and a long night.

  5. Food: It's a exotic food with many mixed vegetable and meat in it. Im a person who loves to travel. With many things mixed together for a great taste.

  6. Color: Blue because blue is a calming color and it's the of the sky and water.

  7. Movie: Star Wars because in the movie their are its fighting parts but also the peaceful events in the story. Also I love the plot.

  8. Fragrance: I don't really have one, but if i had one it would smell nice and like flowers in nature.

  9. Type of Building: The glass building that you can look outside whenever you want because I can’t stand a building with no windows, I feel trapped.

  10. Plant: I think I would be a rose because it’s beautiful and warm but it can sting you with it’s thorns.

  11. Instrument: I would be a saxophone because a saxophone is a party instrument and brings loud music to the world.

  12. Shape: I think i would be a cube because if have many sides to me.

  13. Piece of Furniture: I would be the a table because i can stand alone, and support things.

  14. Song: Riptide because the song is Pop but also alternative.

  15. Season: Late spring because it's in the middle of two seasons, not too hot, but not too cold.

  16. Television character: I would be Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender because he is a character who likes peace, but must fight sometimes. I would also be Ash from Pokemon because I don't give up.

  17. Comic character: Iron Man because he has many different sides to him that people don’t see when they look at him.

  18. Appliance or machine: The phone because I love to text and talk to people.

  19. Natural Phenomenon: The bioluminescent waves because I'm a light in the dark. Also because it something very nice.

  20. Word: Charismatic because i’m optimistic and help people.

Chapter 9

  1. Charismatic- Having a charm on people to inspire devotion in others- This word describes me because i'm a social butterfly and I have a lot of friends all around the school.

  2. Imperturbable- Unable to upset or excite someone because they are very calm- this word goes to me because i'm a person who is calm and goes with the flow so nothing upsets me.

  3. Obliging- To do service of kindness or to be helpful- This word goes to me because when there's a friend in need, I try to doing anything I can to help them.

  4. Jocular-Playful- I’m playful and fun to people.

  5. Loquacious-Talkative- I am very social and I I try never to to have a awkward situation.

  6. Tremulous-Sensitive and timid- I can sometimes be shy around new people till i warm up to them.

  7. Caustic-Sarcastic- I can sometimes be sarcastic to things that when they come out of a persons mouth is really dumb.

  8. Assiduous- Hard working- I am very hard working usually and i try my hardest.

  9. Loafing- Procrastinate- On other times i delay my work and watch my show or just let time go.

  10. Boisterous- Loud- I can be very loud once I know everyone in the room and that could lead to people getting annoyed.

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Friendship is something that makes me proud that I have. Friendship teaches me things, makes me happy, and makes me feel loved. I have many different friends and I don’t belong to just one group. I have my band friends, my table friends, my orchestra friends, and more. I love having all these people that I know because I can go to different groups and be with them making me feel happy. Having friends is really nice because you can hang out with them, talk, laugh at stuff you wouldn't laugh with your family or at school. Each one of my friends groups teach me things over the years. For an example, my weird and bad friends taught me to be more open and outgoing. My math friends taught me to be hard working but to be funny. I remember going into middle school not having many friends and slowly over the years I started to get out of my shell meet new people and going to many other different groups. I also remember one of the first people I met in middle school was Dan and what happened was I had my friend group from elementary school and he has his own both of our groups Merged into the group that is here today. I can't really remember how me and Dan became friends but only because we had many classes together and we did group projects together. After a while we had many things in common like having no relatives in this country and speaking another language. I became friends with them because each one of them is very different for example Dan is hard-working and he can get me information. Having friends is great because they teach you and you teach them and at the end you have a fun time with each other.

The End