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The Sahara is the home to the most deadliest animals on the earth.

-The world's largest desert

-Extends from atlantic ocean to red sea.

-Consist of stone desert and dunes.

-Has the most harshest animals in the world, with gusting winds and sun.


The Madagascar is the most famous country in africa. It has the most beautiful animals in africa.

-Separated by east african coast.

Separated by the Mazambique channel.

Some Of Our Most Popular Animals


The Nile river is home to several animals, it's also a drinking place for other animals.

-One of the largest rivers.

-Flows through several countries.

-Supports much agriculture.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. The falls is one of the most visited places in Africa.

-Largest lake in Africa.

-Fresh water full of fish.

-60 miles of shoreline.