Third Grade News

February Curriculum Update

Reading Workshop

We are currently in the midst of our mystery unit and are finishing up our book clubs. The students have been participating in book clubs and responding to the text through discussions, post its, and our book club packet. We are going to continue to identify elements of mystery novels and ways we talk about and recommend a book. I am also going to take time during our mini-lesson to refresh some skills we have learned earlier in the year and introduce new strategies to deepen our reading. We have also been reading mystery novels in our "Read Aloud."

In two weeks we are going to start our nonfiction unit. We are going to be following the same format as our mystery unit in which we start with an introduction and discussion. We are then going to participate in book clubs and identify different elements of a nonfiction book through a "folder project." We will read nonfiction in our "Read Aloud" and surround ourselves with nonfiction titles during this time.

I have seen a lot of growth with our reading logs and please keep checking in with your child about their reading!

Writing Workshop

The persuasive speeches were a success and now we are currently drafting our persuasive essays. The students are widening their audience and addressing an issue of great concern to them. They are following a 5-paragraph essay format and have been writing "long and strong" on all they know about their topic. Over the next two weeks, we are going to begin to draw on some sources for evidence to support their reasons and learn how to write an introduction and conclusion our essays. They will bring the essays to publish by the end of the month.

We have read a number of Picture Books in class to identify different elements of Persuasive Writing and analyzed a student sample. We are also working together to write a class essay and this has helped spur the work in their individual pieces.


We have finished our Multiplication and Division unit of numbers 2-10! We are going to continue to practice these facts through centers, mental math, and in future areas of the curriculum for the rest of the year to increase our fluency and mastery so that we are ready for fourth grade.

We are starting our next unit on Money tomorrow! The students will be able to identify the value of different pieces of currency and add and subtract money. We are going to do a lot of work in centers and use fake money for different activities to simulate real life experiences (you may want to take them with you to the store at the end of this unit). I also have some "Read Alouds" planned to identify different currencies around the world (in particular, Europe), their value compared to ours, and calculate how much we would spend on an object in...England, France, or Norway.

Towards the end of the month we are going to start the first unit on Measurement, Length. We are going to introduce the tools used to measure length and distinguish between different units of length.

Social Studies

We are currently in Europe! We are researching all sorts of cool and cultural information about different countries in Europe. The students are going to take this information and organize it on a "Glogster" or poster board and present it to the class. We will be in the computer lab for the next two weeks and presentations will take place after President's Day Weekend.

It is great to see the students navigating different websites with ease and hearing comments like "Look how pretty the Northern Lights are!" and "I am excited to have Germany because I don't know anything about it and want to learn more!"

Word Study

The students are on their way to becoming "Super Spellers." They have been finding words on our Boggle board, "shaking up" our word canisters to find hidden words, tallying up Scrabble letters for points, and playing Appletters as apart of our new Morning Routine. We are going to continue to promote spelling and grammar as we move ahead for the rest of the year.

The students are beginning to write capital letters in cursive.