By: Chris Feltz


Sacagawea was a young Shoshone Indian girl when her village was attacked by Minnetaree Indians. When this happened, she was captured and brought back to the Minnetaree village named Fort Mandan. She spent all of her life there and married a French-Canadian hunter named Charbonneau. She learned the Minnetaree language which would later prove her useful for the Corps of Discovery. Sacagawea was a survivor hero since she was had perseverance, adaptability, and moral direction. Having these qualities helped the Corps of Discovery and the United States explore farther into the west.

Sacagawea was able to influence history because she helped the U.S. have new knowledge of the land out west. This allowed the U.S. to expand through the west without as much hazard. So if it was not for Sacagawea The U.S. may of had a harder time expanding to the west.


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