Peter the Great

By: Lily Lin

Peter the Great

Born: June 9, 1672 Moscow, Russia

Died: February 8, 1725 Saint Petersburg, Russia

Took the throne at his age 10 but didn't control the government until 1689


  • handsome and unusual physical strength
  • simple in his manner, he enjoy conversation over a mug of beer with shipwrights and sailors from the foreign ships visiting St. Petersburg
  • Restless, energetic, impulsive
  • hardwork


  • want to strengthen the military
  • expand the Russian borders
  • centralize royal power
To achieve his goals

  • he has brought all Russian institution under his control even the Church
  • force the haughty boyars or landowning to serve the state in civilian or military position


His policies was to the growth of serfdom, which served only to widen the gap between Russia and the West that Peter had sought to narrow


  • died in 1725
  • died without an heir and without naming a successor
  • had expanded Russian territory
  • gained ports on the Baltic Sea
  • created a mighty army
  • had also ended Russia’s long period of isolation
  • Peter the Great had used terror to enforce his absolute power