Stick Around

An app for Creating your own puzzles

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Developer – MorrisCooke

Age – 5 years +

Subject – All

Score – 94/100

Price – £2.29

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App Review

Stick Around is a fantastic app that enables parents and teachers to create their very own sorting and labelling puzzles. Activities of this kind are not new, teachers have been using them for years as a way of encouraging pupils to think more deeply about topics but putting them together is often a time consuming process. Materials need to be prepared and in many cases laminated. Stick Around removes the need for this.

The app has many great features that will do much to enhance the learning that occurs during home based or classroom discussions. For example, it is possible to add multimedia files to each puzzle. Teachers can add a picture or a recording of their voice giving further explanation. It is also possible to link to websites and You Tube videos.

Puzzles can be either open ended or they can be configured to have right and wrong answers. Creating these is actually surprisingly easy. Users simply add stickers with text, images or drawings and indicate where these stickers belong by making an answer key. This works via hotspots. Stick Around comes preloaded with a number of templates for creating puzzles, or users can import their own pictures as backgrounds.

Stick Around could be used for any subject. For example, it could be used in an English lesson to link words with their definitions, in mathematics to order fractions, in science to label the planets, in geography to place countries on a map and in history to sequence events on a timeline.


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