Ponder Junior High

April 2023

Total Enrollment - 380

6th Grade - 118

7th Grade - 126

8th Grade - 136

TMSCA- State Meet

PJH was represented well at the STATE TMSCA meet. We had 28 students who punched their Golden Ticket and competed on April 1, 2023 in San Antonio. The students had a full weekend of competition and fun. After they earned 5th place Sweepstakes Team, they enjoyed some time at Monster Mini Golf and Sea World. Mrs. Vanover, Mrs. Munguia and Mrs. Laughlin have done an outstanding job this year of working with and challenging this group of outstanding students. Their accomplishments are worthy of recognition, and their futures are bright.

STATE Meet Placings:

5th Place Sweepstakes Team

Number Sense -7th Place Team

Calculator - 4th Place Team

Mathematics - 6th Place Team

Science - 5th Place Team

Individual Top 20 Finishers:

Number Sense

6th Grade

16th Place: Ashton Nowicki

19th Place: Landon Jones

7th Grade

10th Place: Rocco Bergara

16th Place: Mackenzie


8th Grade

16th Place: Cooper Sweeden

18th Place: Emmrie McDaniel


6th Grade

19th Place: Brett Schonberg

20th Place: Kinley Peacock

7th Grade

3rd Place: Madison Estes

12th Place: Rocco Bergara

16th Place: Montgomery Martin

19th Place: Mackenzie Contreras-Garcia

8th Grade

10th Place: Cooper Sweeden

11th Place: Justin Nguyen

14th Place: Adan Ramirez

17th Place: Elijah Hooper

19th Place: Lily Cunningham


7th Grade

14th Place: Rocco Bergara

8th Grade

18th Place: Mason Jones

19th Place: Elijah Hooper


7th Grade

16th Place: Rocco Bergara

8th Grade

9th Place: Elijah Hooper

9th Place: Dylan Spain

Denton County Stock Show Results

Our students had an amazing week at the County show. Please help me congratulate all of our competitors. We are PonderProud of all of our PJH FFA students.

Breeding Swine:

Emma Johnston 2nd place class 1 Berkshire

Piper Childress 2nd place and Reserve Champion Chester, 4th place Duroc

Paisley McShan 2nd place and Reserve Champion Landrace


Jayla Carroll 4th place in sale

Piper Childress Champion York, 4th place Cross in sale

Kaycee Crider, Champion Hamp and a 3rd place in sale

Brylie Day 2nd in sale

Emma Johnston 6th place

Bella Marr Champion Commercial Gilt

Paisley McShan 8th place in sale

Mckinley McQueen 8th place

Kinley Peacock Reserve Champion Commercial Gilt

Lily Ramsey 1st place in sale

Bristal Shoemate 2nd place in sale

Kloey Simon 5th place

Beckett Sorensen 6th place in sale

Elijah Todd 9th place in sale

Harper Thompson 4th place in sale

Brady Williams 7th place

Breeding Sheep:


Class 1

Adyson Dear 1st place

Class 2

Adyson Dear 1st place and Reserve Breed Champion


Class 1

Adyson Dear also had Reserve Champion Native Breeding Ewe and also won Intermediate Breeding Showmanship

Market Sheep:

Class 3

Adelaide Goodling 8th

Class 5

Emery Laney 8th


Class 2

Adyson Dear 1st place and Breed Champion made sale

Adyson Dear won Native Market Sheep.


Class 3

Lane Wyrick 6th place made sale

Class 6

Jackson May 8th place

Class 9

Tripp Sands 2nd place made sale also 4th in native show

American Steers:

Class 2

Henry Angeley 2nd place, Breed Champion and sale maker

Exotic Steers

Class 1

Randy Crumpton, 2nd place made sale

Charlie Norman, 4th place

Class 3

Randy Crumpton, 4th place

Class 5

Charlie Norman, 4th place made sale

Henry Angeley won Intermediate Showmanship

Prospect Steers

Class 3

Cade Jackson, 2nd place, Reserve Exotic and Reserve Prospect Steer

Heifers Show

Registered Other Breeds


Class 3

Cason Addington, 1st place, Reserve Breed Champion

Cason Addington, Champion Intermediate Showmanship

Ag Mech

Tripp Sands, Junior Reserve Champion

Home Economics Show:

Kinley Peacock

Best of Class in Drawings Junior Reserve Champion

Open Arts and Crafts Best of Class.

Maggie Escamilla

Creative Cakes Blue Ribbon made Silent Auction

Yeast Bread Red Ribbon

Candy, Red Ribbon

Halli Read

1st place painting

1st place cookies

Kloey Simon

Sheet Cake, Blue Ribbon

Tripp Sands

Photography, Red Ribbon

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 PJH Cheerleaders & Mascot

PJH Cheer tryouts were held on April 14th. The students worked hard all week practicing and learning new routines. Please help me congratulate the new PJH Cheerleaders and Mascott:

7th Grade:

Lucy Castillo

Maggie Escamilla

Emmory Laney

Morgan Montelongo

Kaliegh Nichols

Hailey Rincon

Bristol Shoemate

Kloey Simon

Lily Sorensen

Dakota Towell

8th Grade:

Sophie Alexander

Mackenzie Garcia

Aubrey Lowe

McKinley McQueen

Halli Read

Jayden Smith

Harper Thompson


Rocland Boria

PJH Athletics

Our PJH Track Athletes have improved a great deal over the season and as a result, they have experienced great success.

District Track Results

7th Grade Girls - 3rd Place Team

8th Grade Girls - 3rd Place Team

7th Grade Boys - 1st Place Team

8th Grade Boys - 6th Place Team

PJH Band Solo & Ensemble

On Saturday, April 15th, select members of our Junior High Band decided to prepare their own songs for judges at a local Solo & Ensemble competition at Pilot Point Middle School. They all did a fantastic job, and took advantage of a great opportunity to perform on their own. We are so proud of our PJH Band! (not pictured: Dakota Rodriguez, Marshall Hall, Fabian Barazza)

PJH Band - Pride of Texas Music Festival

On April 12th our PJH Beginner Band students made a trip to Plano for the Pride of Texas music festival at Pinstack. The students performed a song for judges there and did a fantastic job. We are so proud of our Lion Band members! After their performance, they were able to enjoy games, bowling and much more. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to everyone who helped out and made this happen for our kiddos!

PJH Choir Solo & Ensemble

We are super proud of our PJH Choir. The non varsity mixed choir got excellent (2) in both concert and sight-reading. The varsity treble choir got excellent (2) in sight-reading and superior (1) on stage! Great job & congrats to all our students and Mrs. Walls, PJH Choir Director.

PJH Choir - Pride of Texas Music Festival

On April 25th our PJH Choir students also made a trip to the Pride of Texas Music Festival. The 7th & 8th grade choirs received an Excellent rating (2) and the 6th grade choir received a Superior rating (1). We are super proud of all our choir students!!

National School Librarian Day

On April 4th, we were able to celebrate National School Librarians day. Mrs. Brockett and Mrs. Chapman do an amazing job of making our library a warm and welcoming environment for our students and staff.

National Administrative Professionals Day

On April 26th we celebrated with Mrs. Schindler and Mrs. Young. Their BIG hearts make PJH a better place each and every day. We are so thankful that they choose to be a part of our team.