The epic War of 1812

Verry sad

how the war begins

France may declare war on Britten, but before inform you guys that France and Britten have always hated each other in 1803 Franc declared war with Britten so at the time America was in a huge pickle. Enough about France lets talk about the Embargo act in 1807. Seeking to retaliate short of war Jefferson pushed through the republican congress an Fargo wich forbade U.S trade with all forged parts. This drastic measure hurt new England businessmen, driving them into the Federalist camp, and caused an economic depression. So, just before Jefferson left office, the republicans passed the NON-Intercourse Act.

The polotions decision and the fights

While I'm here 17 days ago the president asked the congress to declare war, that was in June 1st Now it is June 18th. But the weirdest fact about Britten is that they sent Indians to do their dirty work for them I'll tell you more now. In 1811 William H. Harrison destroyed the Shawnee town of British aided Cheif Tecumseh and his brother the prophet, who organized northwest Indians against the whites. Now for the non-intercourse act, 1. it replaced the embargo act 2. opened trade with all ports except French and British 3 provided for resumption with France or Britten if either caused violating U.S neutral rights.

the middle of the war and the end of the war

The fights have been awful the war hawks are doing fantastic though. Wait you don't know who the war hawks are then I'll tell you, the war hawks were a group of people who fought against the enemy. In 1807 the British ship the leopard fired upon the Chesapeake just off the U.S coast. Ten the Brittish captain impressed capture for service four of the U.S sailors after Americans called for War. It's now 1815 3 years ago and we are still fighting wait I just got intel that we... won... the...WAR! Even though we lost 500 ships. We also allianced with Great Britten. Well reporter Aidan wilder signing out.