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Smore is all about helping you get the word out. One of the best ways to do this is by sending your newsletter to all of your contacts, also known as a newsletter. In conjunction with our mailing list feature, sending out your newsletter is easy!

You can do this by clicking on the "Send a newsletter" button that appears in the green box in the Smore Promoter at the top of the page after you have saved and updated your newsletter. A pop up box will then appear prompting you to send a test email to yourself, a quick email, or an email to a mailing list.

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Test Emails

Once you've published your newsletter, you can send yourself a test email to make sure your newsletter looks exactly the way you want it to appear in email.

Follow the steps below to send a test email:

1. Go to "Send a newsletter" in the Promoter

2. In the email pop up under "Pick recipients and send an email now," click "send a test email"

3. Type in your email address if it doesn't already appear

4. Click the gray "Send test email" button

*Please note that test emails can sometimes go to spam folders - be sure to check there first if you have not received it.

Edit Email Details

When you are ready to send your email to all of your contacts, you have two options:

  • Pick recipients and send email now: manually type or paste in contacts
  • Create a new mailing list, then send it: gives you access to all of your mailing lists within Smore for easier mailings

Once you've selected all of your recipients, you can then edit:

  • Subject: add what the newsletter is about
  • Custom "Reply-to" address and name (only available in Pro): pick a custom email address and name for your recipients to reply-to
  • Personal Message: add a greeting which will appear above your newsletter

Success emails

After you've sent your newsletter, you will receive an email stating that your mailing was either successful or unsuccessful.

Pro users: You can check who received or viewed your newsletter in your Email Report. For more info about Email Reports, click HERE!

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