Tony Lee 14 Apr. 2014

P. 151 ~ 172

* Titus had nightmares.

* Violet was hacked by somebody in her dream.

* Violet called the FeedTech Customer Assistance, but didn't get a solution.

* They saw the riot from the news in their dreams. Coca-Cola promotion.

* Titus and Violet go to Marty's house, where everyone was meeting.

* They start sharing with good tastes about Coca-Cola.

* Violet is insulted by the others.

* Violet wants Titus to take her home, and they are leaving the party.

* Violet tells Titus about the problems with her Feed...


"So we decided to take them for some meg ride by all getting together and being like, Coke, Coke, Coke, Coke for about three hours so we'd get a year's supply" (Anderson 158).

- Motivated and driven by their unconscious desires.


"Oh, sorry. I thought it was good to use stupid, long words that no one can understand" (Anderson 164).

"Well, I'm not used to the things you're used to" (Anderson 168).

"They said they didn't... I'm not going to cry. I am not going to cry" (Anderson 170).

- Lower or working class are oppressed.

- Economic, social, and psychological oppression of women.

Essential Question

To what extent does media influence personal appearance, self-image, and choice?

- Penguin Effect

Discussion Question

Anderson may have taken some creative license, but Feed is pretty close to our world today. Give specific examples of how our world is like Anderson's version.